5 Best U.S. Cities for a Destination Wedding on a Budget

By Josue Ledesma Cheapism.com

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A destination wedding doesn't have to take place in a far-flung locale to feel magical. An urban setting closer to home can host a glamorous event that's more affordable. Cheapism.com has chosen five of the best cities for a cheap destination wedding. Our methodology included scouring various "cheap cities" lists, including rankings of the best vacation cities for those on a budget (which generally factor in hotels, food, and entertainment). We gave extra credit to cities with large, hub airports likely to have affordable incoming flights from around the country. We also looked at average transportation costs and state and local tax rates. We even considered the cities' music scenes (who doesn't love a live band?). If you have ties to one of these cites, or maybe a favorite memory there with your fiance, consider putting together a cheap destination wedding.

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