43 Reasons the Holidays Will Make You a Happier Human

Source: 43 Reasons the Holidays Will Make You a Happier Human

As if you needed another reason to love the holidays, we're breaking down 40+ things that put the fattest smiles on our faces this time of year. We're not talking expensive presents, either; it's all about the little things. From mistletoe kisses to caroling, not even Scrooge can deny the power of these feel-good moments.

  • Sipping on hot chocolate with marshmallows

  • Listening to holiday music on repeat

  • Eating out of the popcorn bin

  • The comfort of going home

  • Snuggling by the fireplace

  • Glitter nail polish, glitter pine cones, glitter everything

  • Watching little kids open presents

  • Baking and decorating cookies

  • Decking out the house with holiday decor

  • Kissing underneath the mistletoe

  • Egg nog!

  • Taking flights and road trips to see loved ones

  • Eating and drinking till you stuff yourself silly

  • Holiday DIY projects

  • A Christmas Story and Love Actually movie marathons

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  • Buying poinsettias from the market

  • Giving to charities

  • Seeing red cups everywhere

  • Family game nights

  • The magical twinkling of holiday lights

  • Snowball fights

  • Drinking mulled wine

  • People being nicer, jollier human beings

  • Seeing Santa at the mall

  • Neighborhood caroling

  • Going to holiday parades

  • Candy canes

  • Meeting his family for the first time

  • Sending and receiving handwritten notes

  • No work, no school

  • Wearing spirited socks

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  • Pretty gift wrap

  • Cooking and having zero leftovers because it was that good

  • Popping Champagne bottles

  • Mini Christmas trees

  • Making paper snowflakes

  • Participating in a white elephant gift exchange

  • Giving in to a turkey coma

  • Finding the perfect holiday party dress

  • Hanging up stockings

  • The scent of fir trees

  • Not falling while ice skating outdoors

  • Going to an ugly sweater party