3 Reasons to Serve Your Wedding Meal Homestyle

By Kellee Khalil, Lover.ly

Photo byBraedon Flynn Photography onGrey Likes Weddings viaLover.ly
A homestyle meal is reminiscent of holidays spent gathered around the table with family passing plates while catching up on the year's events. We're loving the way more and more couples are serving their wedding reception meal homestyle. Here are our top three reasons to try a homestyle wedding meal:
1. It's casual but elegant. A plated meal complete with a full serving staff is the most formal way to serve your wedding menu, while a buffet is typically far more casual. If neither feels quite right, home style might be the way to go. It's a great serving style because your guests don't have to wait in line at the buffet, but they still are able to discreetly choose what (and how much) they would like to eat.
2. It's less expensive. Similar to buffets, home style meals are less expensive than plated dinners. Because each meal is not served individually, a smaller staff is needed to accommodate your guests. Plus, serving your wedding menu home style saves time (something your catering staff, budget, and guests will all appreciate!) and affords everyone an even greater opportunity to spend much more of the night on the dance floor.
3. It encourages interaction. Home style meals encourage everyone at that table to interact and offers an easy conversation starter. If you have to seat people together who don't know each other well, they can find common ground through the meal. And the sight of seeing all of your guests passing dishes together creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere.
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