15 Stars Who Got Divorced Before They Turned 30

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Angelina Jolie
Before there was Brangelina, a young Jolie married Johnny Lee Miller at 20. They were divorced when she was 23, and promptly fell into the arms of Billy Bob Thornton. But it wasn't meant to be: They divorced when Jolie was 26.

By Julie Gerstein, StyleCaster

Cher once sang (through a powerful vocoder): "Do you believe in life after love?" It's a question we've probably all asked ourselves at one time or another, though probably with fewer vocal effects, after a relationship's gone sour. For couples that take the plunge into marriage at a young age, that risk seems especially high-there's always a chance that as they age, they'll grow apart from their spouse, and generally want different things from life.

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The latest young celebrity relationship to fall apart? Hilary Duff, who recently announced that her marriage to retired hockey player Mike Comrie ended after just three years. The 26-year-old maintains that the couple will remain friends, but that the "spark" was no longer in the relationship.

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Of course, Duff isn't the first famous young woman to go through a public divorce at a young age, and she definitely won't be the last.

Click through the gallery above to see 15 stars who got divorced before they turned 30, and let us know: Did you think any of these marriages were made to last?


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