12 Times He's Secretly Checking You Out

By Frank Kobola

1. When he's holding a door for you. It's pretty gentlemanly to take on all the manual labor of opening a door, but it's also giving him the perfect opportunity to sneak a look as you walk by.

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2. When he's walking up the stairs behind you. This is a pretty risk-free moment to ogle you since most people don't walk up the stairs backwards.

3. Whenever he can catch a glimpse of you in a mirror. Mirrors are the perfect way to stare a little longer than necessary without the risk of getting caught. Places like restaurants with walls made of mirrors, funhouses, and mirror stores are perfect for this.

4. When you're drinking at a bar (literally). The point of sitting at the bar - other than easy access to booze - is to either hit on the bartender or meet the other people sitting at the bar. Plus looking down your glass with each sip you take is the ultimate sneaky way to check people out.

5. The second after he's out of your peripheral vision on the street. After you walk by, he might suddenly become incredibly interested in the architecture of that building just ahead of you. Or he might just turn around, soak in the view, and then keep walking because sometimes he just DGAF.

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6. When you're jogging on the treadmill in front of him. It's impossible not to look at a jiggling butt no matter who you are. If he's on some workout equipment he doesn't understand just because it's the prime real estate right behind your butt, he's going the extra mile.

7. When you're at the beach and he's playing catch with his friends really close to you. The beach is pretty much empty but the ball keeps landing way too close to your towel. This tactic is as old as the '80s sitcoms it's been featured on.

8. When he's wearing dark sunglasses. Never trust anyone in dark sunglasses, because you have no idea what they're looking at. It's like a smokescreen for your head.

9. When you walk by his cubicle at work and you can hear the chair swivel. Maybe he's turning around in his seat to file some paperwork, or maybe he's just spinning around in his chair to avoid getting whiplash while following you down the hall with his eyes.

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10. When you're out grocery shopping and he's staring at the lettuce for way too long. No guy needs to stare at lettuce for more than 10 seconds. If he seems to really be considering the merits of butter versus head, he might just be lingering close to you on purpose (or super into lettuce, in which case, no).

11. When you're walking to your cars at the same time, and you get in first. He hasn't gotten into his car yet because he's sneaking in one last glance when he knows you're not looking. Then he does that friendly, "Hi, neighbor," wave when you catch him looking as you drive away.

12. When you get out of the elevator on your floor. This is the perfect opportunity for him to take a look while you're distracted and figure out what floor you're on.

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