11 Real Guys Reveal when They Knew She was the One

Guys tell how they knew their girl was The One.
Guys tell how they knew their girl was The One.

With wedding season just around the corner, we asked some real guys what made them realize they really wanted to get down on one knee and ask their girlfriends that big question. Here's what they had to say. Spoiler: Guys watch When Harry Met Sally too!

By Natasha Burton

1. "My wife and I have massive amounts of fun together, finish each other's sentences, love planning out our collective future and play house relatively well, but the thing that sealed the deal was when I realized that even when she is being the absolute worst, I not only still want her in my life but I want to wake up next to her. " -Rob T.

2. "Her little sister sent me a Facebook family update asking to name me as her "brother-in-law." And that's when it hit me - I can't see myself being with anyone else for the rest of my life. -Aaron S.

3. "We were at a charity event for a cause I hold really dear to my heart. A father was talking about how our charity saved his kid's life. She was watching him talk and I could just see in her eyes that she was happy to be there for the cause. That's how I knew." -Justin V.

4. "We were in Vegas and she got some items stolen right out of her purse-and started crying her eyelashes off. She never cries and she's not the most vocal about her emotions, but the next day, I realized that I wanted to spend the rest of my days with her and be the one to talk her off those ledges when something bad happens."-Jason Z.

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5. "I knew after only a few months together that we'd eventually get married, but after about four years I felt like it was time to tie the knot. I wasn't preoccupied with labels or the duration of our relationship sans engagement, but I wanted us to make the greater commitment to each other. Okay, I'll also admit that her mother's itchiness for an engagement accounted for 10 percent of my motivation to put a ring on it." -Brett S.

6. There really wasn't one specific, "light bulb moment," but we lived together and I started to realize that I considered my "home" to be our home together. It's like what Billy Crystal said in When Harry Met Sally, 'when you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible.'" -Jared L.

7. "It was a work trip that made me realize I wanted to propose. At night, I would wake up every hour and reach out for my gf, but she wasn't there. Days seemed off and nights were spent tossing and turning. That's when I realized I couldn't go another day without her in my life. I used to like taking business trips, but now every trip is another time I won't be around her. Hell, I went to the airport four hours early hoping to get an early flight home just to see her." -Alex G.

8. "I got to a point in my relationship where I realized that my true best friend was the one I was dating. I always wanted to spend time with her, and some of the best times where when we were doing nothing together. We were living together, making financial choices together, we even talked openly about "getting married" as we both knew it was going to happen. There was never any pressure from her. The decision to propose almost comes easier then how to propose." -Aaron C.

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9. "As part of a study I participated in during grad school, they made me perform a questionnaire, with lots of psychological questions. Near the end was an interesting one: 'Describe a perfect day.' No matter what scenarios I came up with, my 'perfect day' always had two elements. First, it was a day that the Chargers won. And second, my girlfriend Kim had to be part of it. I don't know how you can have a clearer sign than that. -Stephen T.

10. "After being together for close to seven years, we just both knew we would be together. But it was having to make a tough decision of whether she should move back to Canada (where we are both from) to pursue her passion of working for the family business that may have pushed us over the edge. I knew that the long distance was going to be tough on our relationship but that I was supportive and wanted her to pursue her dream. The engagement was a great way give her that comfort." -Akira O.

11. "Initially, I had a somewhat arbitrary time period that I wanted to wait before getting engaged (three years). As our relationship progressed, however, the thought of getting married went from something that I would think about from time to time to something that I was actually excited for. After I bought the ring and asked her parents' permission, my notion of having a predefined 'buffer time' seemed ridiculous. Though, coincidentally, I proposed just after our three year anniversary." -Greg S.

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