10 Ways to Sexify Your Gratitude Journal

Everyone from Oprah to Real Simple to the guy at Harvard who teaches classes on happiness has talked about gratitude journals -- you know, every night you write down, say, five things you were grateful for that day. Could be big things (my wonderful supportive family) or small (Honey Bunches of Oats at midnight).

Sounds too simplistic to make you feel better about your life, right? But if you've ever tried it then you know it actually works! So if you have a gratitude journal, great; if not, start one.

Then, make sure you dedicate at least one of the items on your list every day to something sex- or romance-related, to help you feel better about and really appreciate your love life. Here are 10 examples for inspiration:

  1. My "back massager"

  2. The response I got on online personals today

  3. The delicious homemade dinner my partner cooked for me

  4. Choosing sex over tv

  5. The look on my spouse's face when I surprised them with a pre-sex massage with Lelo oil

  6. Spontaneous declarations of love from my partner

  7. My organic natural personal moisturizer

  8. My spouse's inclination to split all house chores down the middle

  9. Discovered a new route to my orgasm!

  10. The adorable dimples my partner gets when s/he smiles