10 Things You Didn’t Know About Sex

10 Things You Didn't Know About Sex
10 Things You Didn't Know About Sex

By Ronnie Koenig

You've taken sex ed, have hands-on experience and have seen every episode of 'Sex and the City' -- twice. So, you think you know a lot about sex? Here are the 20 things your health teacher most certainly never taught you.

1) Women Can Ejaculate, Too

Although it's a hotly debated issue, many women claim that before or during orgasm, they expel a fluid that's not urine and not vaginal lubrication. It's a clear, odorless fluid that comes out of the urethra itself (or its surrounding ducts) and can range from a few drops to a flood. "It can happen as a result of G-spot stimulation," says Amy Levine, sex coach and founder of igniteyourpleasure.com. "It can take practice and a sense of letting go to have this experience, don't fret if you aren't able to do it," she reassures. But, don't be alarmed if happens either.

2) It's Possible for You and Your Partner's Parts Not to Fit

He's the keymaster and you're the gatekeeper…but in reality, that's not always a combination that works. "It's like putting two puzzle pieces into place," says Levine. If your guy is too big, all is not lost. Try a position where you control the depth of penetration, such as woman-on-top. If he's too small, then it's time to invest in some toys and hope that he's a good conversationalist.

3) The Left Side Is Best for a Woman's Pleasure

According to sex-workshop leaders Steve and Vera Bodansky, there's actually a specific area of the clitoris that's the most sensitive. "We've found, in every female student that we've taught, that the upper left quadrant of the clitoral head is the most pleasurable spot to touch," they say in their book, Extended Massive Orgasm: How You Can Give and Receive Intense Sexual Pleasure. So tonight instruct him to go, "A little to the left, dear!"

4) Many Women Experience PCB -- Post-Coital Bleeding

If you see red after intercourse, it doesn't necessarily mean you're getting your period…or that anything has ripped. You could be experiencing post-coital bleeding, a condition that can sometimes result from an infection of the cervix or a polyp. While most post-coital bleeding isn't life-threatening, you should still see your OB/GYN. Only he or she can tell if treatment is required.

5) Your Desire Is Often Related to Where you are in Your Menstrual Cycle

It's no coincidence that many women experience an increase in sexual desire around the time they ovulate. That's when testosterone levels are at their peak and, well, testosterone makes you frisky -- just ask any guy. In fact, it's a pretty neat trick of biology that we would want sex right around the time we're most likely to get pregnant!

6) Many Straight Guys Like Their Anal Areas Stimulated

If your man won't admit to wanting some back door action, it could be because he's afraid that it'll make him seem gay. "The reality is that the anal area is packed with nerves," says Levine. She also says that stimulation of the prostate can lead to intense orgasms. If you decide to go exploring, just give him fair warning first!

7) Women Can Orgasm an Unlimited Amount of Times

After orgasm, men experience a refractory period during which they lose their erection. Women don't need the same recovery time. "Women have unlimited capacity," says Britton. "Often they think that once they experience their first orgasm, that they are done. On the contrary, women have the ability to experience one orgasm after another." Britton also points out that both genders can have multiple orgasms but that men must master specific techniques in order to do so. This means the man must understand his body enough to know when to decrease stimulation right before he ejaculates. Once he's achieved this, you've got a partner to ride the wave of successive orgasms with!

8) Sex Doesn't Slow Down for Many Elderly People

That Cialis commercial is no joke. Seniors don't spend all day getting reduced price tickets to the movies. Many of them are too busy going all the way! "Sexual attraction and connection is a life-long drive," says Lou Paget, certified sex educator and author of The Big O: Orgasms: How to Have Them, Give Them, and Keep Them Coming. So if your sex life is a little lackluster, don't blame it on age. "For many older women the reason they aren't having sex is simply a matter of opportunity." Make time for sex, and sex will happen.

9) Using Lube Can Mean the Difference Between Pain and Pleasure

If you're not all that into sex, or find it painful, the answer to your problem could be in a small bottle you can pick up in any drugstore. Not producing enough lubrication can make sex downright un-fun for women. And needing a supplement doesn't mean you're not turned on. Don't be afraid to use it. "The truth is that our natural lubrication comes and goes throughout an encounter," says Levine. "Wetter is better, and adding a water-based or silicone-based vagina-friendly lube can lead to an increased level of satisfaction."

10) Most Women Don't Orgasm From Penetration Alone

You wouldn't expect a man to climax without his penis being involved, yet so many women feel pressure to orgasm without the clitoris. "We need clitoral stimulation," says Levine. "After all, the sole purpose of the clitoris is for pleasure. During sex, stimulate your clit with a toy or your finger -- or have your partner get in on the action."

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