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The GRAND CROSS peaks this week and we move through any big changes that we are meant to have happen, it's your cue to push harder for those needs in making it so and for allowing others to make their changes as well.

The week ahead for ARIES: This is your last big week to initiate change when it comes to your own approach, your needs, what's going on with your body, image, name, or title, the powerful goals or career needs in the mix, and how you are dealing with the higher-ups like the boss,...(read more)

MONDAY you are in the drivers seat to shake things up and reinvent yourself, to push originality forward or do things differently when it comes to the powers that be, the boss, the judge, the parent, your goals, or the career. It's a day of powerful change. Yesterday was the spurring of the Jupiter quarter of this Cross so you may be pouncing on Monday opportunities to further what came up around home, real estate, family, a parent, move, renovation, or roommate in the mix.

The week ahead for TAURUS: You enter the last big week of the GRAND CROSS and it will be felt strongly between MONDAY and WEDNESDAY as you dive into behind the scenes efforts, strategies, artistic imagination, spiritual pursuits, romantic excitement, healing and hospital matters, or anything that helps you connect to...(read more)

TUESDAY begins the 2 day Mars activation of the Cross so expect more action, passion or anger in pushing those changes through via the partner, agent, attorney, specialist, client, competitor, opponent, or other key player. Today this is focused on needs at home, with real estate, family, a parent, roommate, move, or renovation.

The week ahead for GEMINI: The last big GRAND CROSS week lies before you and asks that you do what you can to shake free and reach towards your own aspirations, to make any changes or awaken when it comes to friends, groups, the internet, astrology, charities, or independence, to deal with big income, purchases or possessions on...(read more)

The week ahead for CANCER: The GRAND CROSS finale is underway this week and will be felt most intensely MONDAY through WEDNESDAY as your own needs go through another growth spurt, you are shaking things up and infusing new approaches or ideas with the boss, parent, judge or other authority figure or pushing this...(read more)

WEDNESDAY Mars activates the opposition to Uranus and spurs on one-on-one connections with others over any changes, battles, passions, or action needed to further the process. Mars then connects with Pluto to push over obstacles regarding goals, career or authorities like the boss, judge or parent. Look at financial needs, divorce, sex, third party situations, and controlling interests or power struggles.

The week ahead for LEO: The week ahead is the last major amplification of the GRAND CROSS and will be felt MONDAY through WEDNESDAY as a whirlwind of activity that probably kicked off on Sunday. For you it means shake-ups, excitement and change around media, marketing, broadcasting, publishing, publicity, travel,...(read more)

The week ahead for VIRGO: The last big week of GRAND CROSS energy comes rushing in between MONDAY and WEDNESDAY, it will have started for you on Sunday. This means this week starts off with lots of action and potential for change and growth involving shake-ups, new approaches or excitement with loans, inheritance,...(read more)

THURSDAY you can breathe. Let the Grand Cross energy sit there behind you somewhat. It's a day that will allow you to pull back and work out any needs you have around possessions, purchases or income. The aspects are opportunity laden so work it.

The week ahead for LIBRA: You enter the last big week of full-blown GRAND CROSS energy. This will be peaking MONDAY through WEDNESDAY, and likely kicked off on Sunday. For you it is about in the moment change and excitement involving a key player like a partner, agent, attorney, specialist, client, competitor, or...(read more)

The week ahead for SCORPIO: Your last big GRAND CROSS energy will push you hard between MONDAY and WEDNESDAY to approach work, health and paperwork in new ways or to break free, infuse originality or do it differently. It will push for more powerful conversations and ideas in the mix, for there to be financial, divorce or...(read more)

FRIDAY Venus aligns with Saturn to help cement things with some commitment or ending, wrapping up that financial, sexual, divorce, or third party need through efforts made behind the scenes, with a woman or over dealing with those possessions, purchases or income matters once again. You should be feeling good about what is going on at home or with the real estate, family, etc.

The week ahead for SAGITTARIUS: GRAND CROSS action really kicked in on Sunday and will be full-tilt MONDAY through WEDNESDAY of this week so get ready for action! This will mean sudden changes, surprises, awakenings, and different approaches on the creative front, with lovers, children, or recreational pursuits. It will be about...(read more)

The week ahead for CAPRICORN: The GRAND CROSS is in motion full-steam ahead this week, having kicked up a gear or two on Sunday it now intensifies MONDAY through WEDNESDAY. This is it for big changes and evolution. It will mean new approaches, breaking away or sudden changes at home, with real estate, family, parents,...(read more)

SATURDAY brings a positive meeting, talk, offer, agreement, sale, writing project, or decision to the mix. Again this favors earnings, possessions or purchases. Let your imagination take flight today, it serves you well. For those wanting to earn in the healing professions or through artistic talents, spiritual practices or research, this bodes well.

The week ahead for AQUARIUS: The week ahead brings the last big push of the GRAND CROSS energy to make changes in your life. This will peak between MONDAY and WEDNESDAY, having started to kick up on Sunday. For you it means some random, exciting, shocking, or change laden news or declarations, ideas or decisions,...(read more)

SUNDAY allows for some more of Saturday's positive energy around income, possessions and purchase but then the Aries Moon takes over and starts activating those Grand Cross points so you will likely be emotionally invested in what went down earlier in the week and dealing with those topics the rest of the day.

The week ahead for PISCES: The last big push from the GRAND CROSS is underway as the week begins, having started up on Sunday and amplifying MONDAY through WEDNESDAY. This means some new approaches, sudden changes, excitement, or shock around income, possessions or purchases, as well as some very profound...(read more)

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