There are 3 monster events in the month of May and several smaller activations, are you ready?! Let's take them in order as they come.

The month ahead for ARIES: Making money is on your mind as the month of May begins with Mercury moving into this zone and working his way to a New Moon Solar Eclipse on the 9th that will give you 2 super charged weeks from that point on to eclipse out any old paradigms or issues and go after new income producing opportunities or introduce new money making ideas where you're at. Starting on the 1st let this urge you to

From day one as we enter the month we have energy shifting. Mercury moves into the sign Taurus on May 1st where he will now focus our mind on our goods, making money, building things, enjoying a slowed down experience, and surrounding ourselves with the good things in life. He is speeding through 2 signs this month so he will only spend from now through the 15th in Taurus. So, when it comes to income and possessions, if you need to talk something out, pitch an idea, propose new procedures, write it up, deal with sales, sign agreements, or get out there locally to make it happen, these first 2 weeks of May will help you. If you've been waiting to hear about money or goods or want to meet someone new that can help this influence will aid you as well.

The month ahead for TAURUS: Personal and physical needs will be the focus of your thoughts as May begins and this will be boosted even further with the New Moon Solar Eclipse that arrives on the 9th opening up a powerful 2 week window for you to reinvent yourself, introduce the new you to the world, take the next step forward with your identity, image, brand, or body, and make

Mars will oppose Saturn on the 1st as well which will key in a serious matter and what you can do involving another person and that income. Look to loans, debt, partner's money, settlements, commissions, royalties, taxes, insurance, investments, or any other outside financial resource to help you make this real, whether that means endings or commitments or structures. You may be marking some turn of events in a divorce or sexual liaison that affects your money situation or sense of value as well. know that whatever serious matter peaks today with another person it is part of the process that has you focusing on your earning potential now.

The month ahead for GEMINI: Part of what you are thinking about or strategizing on as the month of May opens will be under wraps or overtly covert. This focus on imaginative ideas, secrets, clandestine romance, projects in development, investigations, research, art, film, music, spiritual pursuits, institutions, addictions, or Karmic ties will get an added boost with the New Moon Solar Eclipse on the 9th when you will have a very powerful

Venus enters Gemini on the 9th where she will now want love to be more flirtatious and she may vacillate between feeling one way one day and another the next. This period will help you make quicker choices or keep you swaying in mutable indecision, it may open you up to more than one love interest, bring love to you out in your local arena, smooth things out with siblings, neighbors, vehicles, and electronics, make it more important to talk about things with a lover or to propose, bring love and charm to your writing, ease agreements or sales, and bring a more joyous glow to what is said. Since Venus also rules personal income her placement in the communicative and local sign of Gemini means that making money will get a boost from neighborhood interests, writing, sales, agreements, offers, meetings, talks, siblings, transportation, short trips, and decisions made now.

The month ahead for CANCER: Aspirations and social interests should be your calling card as May begins. This is due to Mercury's move here from the 1st opening up more invitations, talks, writing, agreements, sales, decisions, and information exchange with friends, groups, the internet, astrology, charities, social networking, and any social events. This will be followed by a New Moon Solar Eclipse in this area on the 9th that will eclipse

Monster Event #1 is the NEW MOON SOLAR ECLIPSE on the 9th. As you can see the 9th will be felt by everyone. This is giving you a fresh start in the Taurus part of your chart. Again Taurus rules income, valuables, feeling valued, what you build, the slow enjoyment of good food, good wine, good sex, etc, and acquisitions. You have 2 very powerful weeks from today to initiate something new here. It is likely that something will be eclipsed out to make way for the new start. This may be eclipsing out some bad habit or old outdated approach to earning, you may get rid of some object to purchase a new version, or let go of how you have felt undervalued to embrace some new paradigm where you are feeling valued. Be proactive with a New Moon but in the case of Eclipses sometimes it's good to put yourself out there and see what opens naturally for you, field the offers from others and see how you feel about your current situation.

The month ahead for LEO: May will begin with more information, offers, decisions, writing, agreements, sales, and talks focusing in on your career, goals, reputation, and dealings with authority figures. Mercury moves here on the 1st so he is helping you to amp things up here. This will be followed by the New Moon Solar Eclipse on the 9th that will give you a very strong 2 week period to eclipse out the old and initiate new

Mercury dives into the next sign, Gemini, on the 15th and from now through the 31st he will be in his own territory where he is at his best. This is going to supercharge ideas, writing, agreements, negotiations, sales, talks, meetings, what you do locally or through short trips, connections with brothers, sisters, neighbors, your focus on vehicles or electronics, and decisions. Everything will be coming fast and most likely in twos. Two offers, two vehicles to choose between, to computer opportunities, two places you want to be out in your hood, you get the idea. It's busy but exciting to have so much information zooming again so put it to good use.

The month ahead for VIRGO: The first part of May at least will have a very strong emphasis on the higher minded part of your life which means that any legal matters, educational pursuits, media, marketing, publishing, or broadcasting aims, wedding plans, or travel agenda will amp up. This starts from the 1st as your ruler, Mercury, moves into these fields and brings more talks, decisions, writing, sales, learning, and

Monster Event #2 arrives on the 20th as Uranus and Pluto form the 3rd of 7 squares that began in June of 2012 and end in March of 2015. For those of you that follow the column or my radio show you know that these 7 squares are bringing the massive changes and upheaval that we've been experiencing and will continue to move through until this ends. It correlates back to the rebellious, flower-power, wartime, drug-cultured 60's when they went at it before and is having a similar affect on breaking things up and rebirthing them out there on the world stage.

The month ahead for LIBRA: May will most likely be a profound month for you as more information, decisions and new directions are slated involving the deepest part of your life. This means from the 1st as Mercury moves into this field that you will be in more talks, meetings, looking at writing, agreements, sales, and decisions regarding loans, taxes, inheritance, investments, bankruptcy, insurance, commissions, or any other

In your personal life you are meant to be breaking away from some outmoded side of yourself, perhaps your identity is changing, your body, image, brand, or you are reinventing yourself. This is the Uranus side that wants freedom, originality, and ego to make a go of it. The Pluto side is about the power structures that are giants in some way in your life. It may be showing up as some major financial matter, sexual needs, reproduction, death, divorce, triangles that you are facing, or power struggles.

The month ahead for SCORPIO: May promises to open things up and move you in a new direction when it comes to at least one important relationship and perhaps with several. This begins as soon as the 1st when Mercury moves into this arena and opens up talks, meetings, writing opportunities, agreements, sales, short trips, and decisions involving these marriage or business partners, agents, attorneys, clients, specialists, advocates, or competitors and

Today take the time to acknowledge where you are in your journey as things shift again and you make choices or react to the choices of others around you. The other square this year will be in November on the 1st and is considered the most powerful of the 7 so be brave in stepping towards your personal truth and know that we are all in the same boat, evolving together.

The month ahead for SAGITTARIUS: May is going to give you a major amount of energy around what you choose to do with work projects or the pursuit of work, with any paperwork you are dealing with, your health interests, and pets. This gets moving from day one with Mercury entering this territory and opening up news, offers, sales, agreements, writing, pitches, talks, meetings, proposals, short trips, and decisions over

Mercury squares Chiron on the 21st which is bound to bring up some news or decisions that may be painful or feel vulnerable or call upon you to access your personal wound from the past in order to help another in similar circumstances. There is a magical, mystical energetic at play today regardless of the information arriving or shared. It is good to put pen to paper and write what you wish to release, write a truth that comes in strongly for you today, these notes will aid you on your journey through Chiron in Pisces. Since Chiron is working from the Karmic, hidden part of your psyche there are a myriad of topics that could come to light today, not the least of which could be something that was hidden from you that is now out in the open. Again, choose your words carefully and note what you think for future reference.

The month ahead for CAPRICORN: May offers you some strong focus on creative projects, your love life, the kids, and any recreational activities you are interested in, and this begins right from the 1st with Mercury heading into this territory. Now through the 15th you will have more news, offers, writing, agreements, pitches, proposals, sales, short trips, talks, meetings, local activities, and decisions involving love, kids and creative outlets. This will get even more

Monster event #3 arrives on the 25th with the FULL MOON LUNAR ECLIPSE in Sagittarius. Full Moon's are our friend helping us to say good-bye, end bad situations or wrap up projects, reach our goals, celebrate achievements, and garner recognition for efforts made. Lunar Eclipse Full Moon's are 3 times more powerful and make these peaks and endings more final. Under Sagittarius expect that legal matters will culminate, media, marketing, publishing, broadcasting, or publicity interests will climax, educational pursuits will wrap up or you will achieve some goal set here, wedding plans will peak, travel plans will wrap up or you will celebrate some high point with a person at a distance, a foreign interest or import/export, religious experiences or politics will climax in some way, and your beliefs will reach an apex. It's likely there will be some big political or religious topic culminating in the news now as well or one of these other topics will have a high profile media campaign behind it.

The month ahead for AQUARIUS: May is going to really give you a lot of focus on your home, any real estate needs, moves, renovations, roommates, family matters, and security needs, and this kicks off on the 1st as Mercury moves into these territories. This means you have more energy around talks and meetings, writing and agreements, sales and pitches, proposals and decisions, short trips and local activities, siblings and neighbors, all playing out here at

Mercury speeds out of Gemini and into Cancer on the 31st so you get one day to begin to feel how your thoughts will turn to home, family, roommates, real estate, moves, renovations, and security and I will write more about how this will affect you in June. Mars changes signs today as well, moving into Gemini where he will want action out and about your neighborhood or in some nearby town, he will amp up the anger or passion in your words and news from others, spur you on to write, urge you to fight for ideas, actively pursue agreements or sales, do more with siblings, neighbors, vehicles, or electronics, and light a fire under decision making. It's going to be a busy month, here we go!

The month ahead for PISCES: May is calling you to write, make sales, deal with agreements, negotiate, pursue speaking roles, get out there locally or make more short trips, get into talks or meetings, deal with vehicles or electronics, and make some decisions. This begins right from the 1st with Mercury amping this up between now and the 15th. You get another boost here with the New Moon Solar Eclipse on the 9th that begins your best 2 week window of

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