Yes, We're Defending Kim Kardashian

It's always news when Kim Kardashian does, well, anything but when a photographer snapped a photo of the reality star running errands in Beverly Hills on Sunday in comfy work-out clothes, the Internet exploded at the sight of Kardashian's pregnant body. "Pass me the barf bag, please" , "Wide load!", "If she'd be one of the 7 dwarfs, her name would be Dumpy" were just a few examples of the vitriol.

While Kardashian is no stranger to haters and often willingly courts them just by being herself, slamming a woman's body when she's pregnant is crossing the line. With the body mixing up a chemical cocktail of hormones serving up all sorts of conflicting emotions, the ever-expanding physical changes, and undergoing an identity transformation into motherhood, pregnancy is such a vulnerable time for a woman. Now, imagine going through all that in front of the world and also being called fat?

It's the flip side of the tired "So-and-so flaunts her post-baby bikini body" pressure celebs feel to shed their baby weight. If they lose it too fast, they're being unhealthy and if they take their time because they, you know, have a newborn attached to their bodies 24/7, they're fat and lazy.

At the end of the day, the message we're sending women is that they are never good enough. And pregnant or not, non-celebrity or Kim Kardashian, it needs to stop.