Womb Transplant Patient Derya Sert Loses Baby

Elise Solé

Derya Sert, 22, the first woman in the world to have a successful womb transplant from a deceased donor and then become pregnant from the process, has lost her baby at eight weeks, according to a report from The Associated Press on Tuesday afternoon.

In an email to Yahoo! Shine, Mustafa Unal, the Turkish woman's doctor wrote: "Unfortunately her pregnancy was terminated because the baby's heartbeat had stopped."

In April he confirmed her pregnancy to Yahoo! Shine, writing in an email: "We are glad to inform that she is indeed pregnant. But she is now just at the beginning of the pregnancy period. We hope everything goes well until the end of the pregnancy."

Sert was born without a uterus, a condition that occurs in 1 in every 5,000 women, according to the American Free Press. In August 2011, Sert was called a "medical miracle" after her womb transplant was successful. She was impregnated when doctors implanted an embryo into her uterus using one of her own eggs at Akdeniz University Hospital in Turkey's southern province of Antalya.

Sert had been planning to deliver via C-section and have her transplanted uterus removed after the birth. The hospital claims she will receive new fertilization and try again. "The general health status of the patient is fine," an Akdeniz University Hospital representative wrote in a statement issued to press. "IVF will be continued when she is ready, in appropriate conditions."