Watch Man Transition to Woman in Transgender Time-Lapse Video

A mesmerizing time-lapse video showing a young Aussie's transition from male to female is making fast rounds on the blogosphere.

Set to the Beatles' love song "Girl," the one-minute, 43-second video motors through about a thousand photos to capture a striking gender change.

"This video is of me going through a 3-year transition," writes the subject, identified only with her YouTube screen name "iiGethii." She explains she started filming herself at about the age of 20 and had undergone "FFS," or Facial Feminization Surgery, during the process. FFS is the term given to a collection of surgeries, popular with transgender women, which alter bony and soft-tissue on the face, neck and thyroid to create a more obviously female appearance.

The mini-doc has garnered more than 710,000 views since being posted two months ago, and has been artfully arranged, starting with a lavender ratings screen that says "The following film has been approved for all transgender people by the trans picture association." (You can a glimpse of iiGethii's first smile at about 0:24.)

Other videos on her channel include animated sketches-in-process of women and dinosaurs.

But it's the confessional one, natch, that's gotten the most response.

"Congrats on your courage to undergo this, I guess, difficult process!" reads one of more than 1,000 comments. "Have a happy life!"