Want to Lose Weight? Try These 5 Foods

Diet news that’s actually sweet: Eating chocolate is a good thing if you’re trying to lose weight, according to a new British study commissioned by the research firm YouGov.

Despite the common belief that weight loss requires cutting out dessert, the study found that 91 percent of dieters who dropped 10 percent of their body weight did so while continuing to eat chocolate. The reason: By not denying their favorite foods, people were likelier to stick to their diets. “Many people associate weight loss with deprivation, which is dangerous because resisting certain groups of food can cause people to binge later,” Patricia Bannan, MS, RD, author of "Eat Right When Time Is Tight," tells Yahoo Shine. “However, enjoying a little treat each day can keep your diet goals on track.” Here are four other foods you should eat to stay slim.

Apples: Good thing it’s apple season because pommes keep you slim. Research conducted by Penn State University found that people who ate an apple before consuming a pasta dinner ate fewer calories than those who opted for a different snack. That’s because apples are filled with fiber, a slow-digesting carbohydrate. “Apples are also a high-volume, water-based food which help keep you full,” says Bannan.

Hot sauce: Adding a dash of spice to soup, omelets, or grilled cheese can help deter weight gain,  because capsaicin — an odorless, flavorless compound found in hot sauce — temporarily triggers  metabolism. “It’s also possible that eating spicy foods could cause people to eat slower, allowing their brains to register signals of satiation,” says Bannan.

Chia: Miranda Kerr's $686 smoothie may be a stretch for your bank account, but the supermodel has the right idea by adding chia seeds to her breakfast drink. Chia, an ancient plant, is packed with omega-three fatty acids, a type of "healthy" fat that's proven to promote weight loss in heavier people, because of its calorie-burning capabilities.

Wine: While it's true that too much alcohol could make you eat more (late-night burgers, anyone?), wine could help you shed pounds . According to a study conducted by Boston's Brigham and Women's Hospital, light to moderate drinkers experienced less weight gain and less risk of becoming overweight than those who abstained. Although researchers aren't exactly sure why, one theory is that women tend to substitute cocktails for high-carb foods. Cheers to that!