These Surgical Masks Are NOT a Fashion Statement. Check Out These Mind-Blowing Runway Photos

by Danica Lo

When I first saw these photos of models in China walking the runway wearing surgical masks, I thought, for a minute, that they were making a fashion statement of some kind.

Getty Images
Getty Images

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The truth is that these pictures, taken over the weekend in Nanjing, show models at a catwalk jewelry showcase wearing surgical masks because--wait for it--the pollution is so bad in parts of China that it's hazardous to be breathing the air sans face mask. Mind-boggling, no?

According to reports, in the winter, pollution levels in places such as Beijing and Nanjing can reach up to 40 times permissible levels dictated by the World Health Organization.

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Getty Images
Getty Images

So it doesn't matter how beautiful the clothes are or how sparkling the gold jewelry is--if you're wearing it outdoors, you'll also probably need to wear a face mask.

To be honest, it's hard to decide which accessory attracts more attention.

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