Someone Invented Actual Period Underpants? We're In.

Period panties just got a whole lot prettier.

(And don’t act like you don’t know what we’re talking about—we know you’ve got some scary stain-worthy pairs reserved for your little friend just like the rest of us.)

Thinx, a new line of women’s underwear that’s specially made to deal with leaks and pads when you’re on the rag, is coming to a retailer near you in May. And the best part? These undies are bloody cute.

They come from a trio of New York based entrepreneurs—identical twin sisters Miki and Radha Agrawal and their friend Antonia Dunbar—and represent three years of brainstorming, research, design and fund-raising efforts (including $65,000 from a Kickstarter campaign). The result is a line of lingerie that’s leak and stain-resistant, anti-microbial, moisture wicking and durable. It’s all meant to provide some trusted backup to your sometimes less-than-perfect tampons—and there’s also plenty of material in the crotch for a pad if that’s how you roll.

The premiere collection of four styles pretty much has something for everyone: Hiphugger (hipsters, $28); Cheeky (showing some skin, $34); Shapewear Comfy (Spanx-like, with mini-heating-pad inserts for cramps, $68); and Limited Edition by NAVEN (lacy, from L.A. designers, $78).

Just this week, Thinx won a product-pitch contest in Boston, with a prize of having the panties sold through online retailer Daily Grommet and promoted on Indiegogo.

The underwear was created thanks to a familiar "oops" moment.

“It all began while wearing a white skirt to a meeting. Let’s just say I had to go home and change my clothes,” explains Rahda, the founder of children’s media company Super Sprowtz, in the company’s Kickstarter video. “I thought to myself, I can’t believe they don’t make underwear that’s not leak and stain resistant. And wouldn’t it be great if they did?”

She and Antonia and Miki—a marketing exec and the founder of farm-to-table pizza franchise Slice Perfect, respectively—brainstormed the idea further while away together at a wedding in India. When they got home, they did some research into the lingerie market. That proved there was a niche waiting to be filled, as all the panties they perused were either too skimpy or too grandmotherly be acceptable for anyone’s time of the month.

“So we put our heads together and decided it was time for a more thoughtful pair of underwear. A pair that thought of us and acted as backup even when we weren’t thinking. We’re calling it Thinx.”

And that, we thinks, is one pair of undies we can really get with.

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