Michelle Duggar Calls Abortion "Baby Holocaust"


While Michelle Duggar is no Kris Jenner, she sure knows how to grab the media's attention and run with it.

The reality television star and mom of 19 kids recently went where many celebrities end up going to make a headline; she made a rather controversial statement by comparing abortions to the Holocaust. Oh, snap! The TLC mama made her comments while at the Stand4Life rally in Texas recently.

Here's what we're reading from Radar Online:

She called abortion "baby holocaust" according to Jason Whitley, the Senior Reporter at WFAA-TV Channel 8 in Dallas/Fort Worth.

Michelle, a mother of 19 who is an outspoken advocate in the pro-life movement said that elected officials who are pro-choice need to be replaced.

"If those who are voted in do not support life, then they need to be replace[d] by those who do," she said, the San Antonio Express reported.

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While I know that there are very vocal supporters and non-supporters of the pro-life movement (and the celebrity world is definitely not immune to making their thoughts on the subject public), do you think Michelle might have gone a wee bit too far in her comparison? While I am not one that is totally pro-life or totally pro-choice, I am pro babies who should be given the absolute best chance in life from the very start. And if a mother is unable to give that child the life they deserve, it is ultimately her life, her body, and her decision. But to actually call abortions "the baby holocaust" is a bit insensitive. I have family members - including my great-grandmother - who have actually witnessed the atrocities during that moment in history, and not one has ever said it was their "choice" to be there.

Going back to Michelle, I would hope that this isn't her way of making waves again by making extreme and shocking comments to help bring her family's name into the national dialogue. Sure, she may be a soft-spoken Arkansas homemaker who usually lets her husband do all the talking, but underneath that sweet, Southern-mama exterior, we might actually have a PR-savvy woman on our hands.

-By Joanna Mazewski

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