Meet 7 Women Who Can Eat You Under the Table

Beth Greenfield, Shine Staff

A competitive-eating star was born this week: Molly Schuyler, a Nebraska mother of four, who calmly devoured a 72-oz. steak in less than 3 minutes, obliterating the world record. She decided “on a whim” to take part in the 72-oz. Steak Challenge at Portland restaurant Sayler’s Old Country Kitchen, which dares diners to consume the massive cut of beef within an hour. Out of the 1,500 who have made the attempt, 500 have done it (only 10 of whom were women); and the record, up till now, was 12 minutes. But Schuyler didn’t exactly come out of nowhere: The 34-year-old set another record earlier this month when she put away a 12-pound sub with a pound of fries in just under an hour—and she’s won other contests by chowing down everything from fried mushrooms to beef patties since entering the scene about a year ago. Schuyler is also not the first breaker of the gorgers’ glass ceiling. Let’s meet some more in our slide show.