Marine Helps Boy Finish Race: Viral Photo

Lance Corporal Myles Kerr may have lost the Jeff Drench Memorial 5K footrace in Charlevoix, Michigan last weekend, but he's won the hearts of hundreds of thousands.

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On Saturday, the 19-year-old Marine noticed 9-year-old Brandon Fuchs struggling to complete the race. The boy had become separated from his group. According to the Facebook page, Seal of Honor, which posted a photograph of the pair running together, Fuchs asked Kerr, "Sir, will you please run with me?" Kerr, wearing boots, fatigues, and carrying a full backpack, stuck with the boy and encouraged him to complete the race and helped him reunite with his party at the end of the course-even though Kerr was dead last in his age group, clocking in at 35:43 minutes (five seconds behind Fuchs). He came in so much later than his Marine buddies, in fact, that they were concerned he had been injured.

The photo has received over 200,000 likes and nearly 10 thousand shares.

The Seal of Honor page, which was established in the memory of Lieutnant Michael Murphy who served as a Navy Seal in Afghanistan, went on to praise the young man, "By his unwavering commitment to help those in need through his ability to inspire others by his unequivocal level of motivation, Lcpl Kerr reflected great credit upon himself and was keeping in the highest traditions of the United States Marine Corps."

More on Yahoo!: Ohio Runner Stops In State Final to Aid Fallen OpponentFor his part, Kerr took the all credit and admiration in stride. On Wednesday, he tweeted:

He also thanked Fuch's family for giving him a $100 dollar gift card to the Grey Gables restaurant in Charlevoix.

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