Kate Middleton's Uncle Shares Private Family Details in HELLO Interview

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Kate Middleton's wealthy uncle Gary Goldsmith shared some very personal details about the royal couple in the new issue of HELLO! magazine posted online Monday, offering new insight into Kate and William's relationship, including their temporary split in 2007. 

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Goldsmith, 47, a property developer reportedly worth millions, is Kate's mom Carole Middleton's younger brother. He spoke about meeting Prince William for the first time when Kate took her then-boyfriend to a dinner party. "When I saw them together you actually just thought, even if he wasn’t going to be the King, they would make a great couple. They were very, very good together."

And in 2007, after dating several years, when the couple split for almost three months allegedly due to the pressures of the spotlight, Goldsmith said his niece mended her broken heart at "Casa Bang Bang", his villa in Ibiza. "Kate was very low. [She was] spending a huge amount of time on the phone, walking around the pool. It's a very relaxing place and it has a very nice vibe and you can hear the sea at night. So in some small way I just hope that being there helped [Kate]."

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The HELLO! interview was conducted at Goldsmith's villa which Kate and William also visited in 2006. "The house is very relaxing and it's very, very secure. You've got walls all the way around so it's very difficult for people to pry on you." According to Goldsmith, Carole asked if the family and Prince William could use his home as a getaway. "We organized a whole itinerary for them, including going over to a neighboring island on a boat."

"Back at the house a friend of mine was teaching William how to mix on the DJ decks and he performed to the whole family as they swam. So they all had the Ibiza experience from mud baths, to (nightclub) Pacha, to learning how to mix music."

Goldsmith also recalled that in her younger days, his niece had a bit of a tomboy streak, enjoying water fights in her mom's backyard with sister Pippa, 29, and brother James, 25. And he takes credit for Kate blossoming into a fashion icon by saying he purchased her first Gucci purse.

When asked how similar Kate and Pippa are, Goldsmith said, "They are different. Kate works really hard at everything. She is brilliant at whatever she turns her hand to, but works at it, throwing herself into everything. Whereas Pip, everything seems to come very easily."

"I feel so defensive about Pippa," he adds. "She gets absolutely slaughtered for not working, and then when she does get a job, she gets attacked for doing that too. The poor girl just can't win. It's so unfair on her. I wish people would give her a break and let her get on with it."

It's clear that Goldsmith thinks fondly of his royal family, saying that he hopes to raise his 11-year-old daughter similarly. "I think the girls and James were beautifully brought up and I'm trying to emulate that with Tallulah."

According to The National Post, the Duchess declined to comment on Goldsmith's interview. Kate and William are notoriously private so it will be interesting to see how the royals react to the interview. Goldsmith is already somewhat of a family "black sheep" after getting caught in a drug bust four years ago when "News of the World" journalists filmed him using cocaine and offering to arrange drug deliveries. It's also unknown whether Goldsmith was paid for his interview, but HELLO! has allegedly paid to speak to subjects in the past. For his part, Goldsmith doesn't seem worried about any family fall-outs. He tells HELLO! that he definitely intends on being involved in the royal baby's life.

"Would I play a part in the future monarch's upbringing? Of course I would," he said. "And it's another young baby growing up to play with, which I'd love to be a part of."

The full interview in HELLO! magazine is on sale now.

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