Jennifer Lawrence Tokes, World Yawns. Here's Why.

As if Jennifer Lawrence weren’t effin’ real enough already—shunning diets, tripping on her Oscars gown, mocking foolish reporters and crediting Photoshop for her flawless new Dior campaign photos—now she’s been spied toking on what appears to be a joint during some much deserved downtime in Hawaii. And the media’s reaction, across the board, has been a big ol’ “Whatevs.”

“Is there a better way to celebrate an Oscar win? Love you girl, wish we were there,” says Jezebel.

“Now, obviously we don't know FOR SURE that the object in question is a weed-stuffed joint, it COULD potentially be a hand rolled cigarette…” Perez Hilton chimed in. “But why would Jennifer smoke a nasty, cancer-causing cig when there is (from what we’ve heard) VERY good bud in Hawaii! LOLz!”

Vulture added, “The woman’s been doing nonstop interviews for months now, she’s been to every awards show under the sun, and she just fell in front of ‘billions’…So if Jennifer Lawrence wants to chill with some weed and wine, then Jennifer Lawrence can chill with some weed and wine.”

It’s a far cry from the minor scandals that erupted when Justin Bieber, Kristin Stewart, Miley Cyrus, Michael Phelps and plenty of other celebs were caught green handed.

So how come Lawrence always gets let off the hook?

Here’s our solid-if-not-so-genius theory: She’s totally herself, all the time (or so it appears from here). She’s self-deprecating, unpolished, unapologetic and awesomely funny. She doesn’t seem entitled. She has normal-person reactions—like getting creeped-out instead of flattered by Jack Nicholson, embarrassed by falling down, annoyed by inane interview questions.

She makes fun of her career, and herself, and doesn’t seem rattled by criticism (“I’m considered a fat actress,” she told Elle. “I’m Val Kilmer in that one picture on the beach.”) She makes really blunt, obvious points about dieting that others won’t, like telling Glamour, “You can’t work when you’re hungry, you know?” And, apparently, she knows how to let loose without becoming a big ol’ scary mess.

Can it truly be that this brand of straight-up, confident, un-eating-disordered, seemingly sane young woman—who also happens to be a talented model and actor—can be the new role model? If the world’s forgiving mega-crush on Jennifer Lawrence is any indication, then we can give a tentative nod of yes. That gives us crazy amounts of hope for the many girls who look up to her. And, at the very least, it really makes our day.