It's Boss's Day! 8 Reasons to Thank Your Manager

It’s Boss's Day! October 16 is the day to thank your boss for being a leader, a team player and a true supporter of your goals. Whether a boss makes the workplace a little more tolerable, or exemplifies a work ethic that employees are sure to follow, we asked Shine readers to share why they would like to thank their chiefs. Here are 8 reasons to show a little gratitude to your manager:

1. Committed to the job – "My boss loves his school district. He attends almost all of the sporting events at the school, schedules meetings simply to inform his employees about what is going on in the district and to boost morale. He has monthly potlucks during lunch for his employees, and has a smile and kind word for everyone. The turnover rate in my school district is almost non-existent, because no one can find another boss as great as Mr. Bryan." – Leeann Bailey

2. Takes responsibility for the team – "Being in the accounting department, our team has a lot of pressure to get the details right within a limited time span. Once, due to a slight miscalculation, we messed up our year-end numbers. To our surprise, our boss didn't pursue who made the error, but took responsibility for it. Later, she explained that during critical situations, no one is at fault. Needless to say, we were all dumbfounded and grateful; though, we did get a brutal workout afterwards to manually recalculate everything." – Vivian Lee

3. One word: treats – "Every Friday, our boss treats us to smoothies and croissants! She even lets us have our choice of different tropical smoothies. I look forward to Fridays even more now, because they're a delicious treat!" – Elizabeth Becker

4. Your boss is your mom or dad
– "I didn't get an allowance as a kid. I started working in the family business, a small art retail store, when I was 11, so my boss just happens to be my dad. I learned pretty quickly that if you want something in life, you have to earn and save in order to get it. That's training that not every child has the blessing of receiving." – Hannah C. Mathiot

5. Considers career goals

– "We had some major changes at my center recently, and there weren't a lot of positions open in the preschool rooms, which was my preference. After sitting down with my boss and having a heart-to-heart about where I wanted to be as a teacher, she was able to put me in the position that I wanted in a preschool classroom. She took my career goals into consideration and made it work." – Kiera Kelly

6. Encourages and supports new directions – "Linda is more than a professional reference. Sure, she taught me the nuances of criminal law and recommended me to my new employer, but she has also met me for Thai lunches, taught me how to make a mean Peach Surprise, and listened to me vent about my personal drama. Most importantly, as a young female professional, she has always championed the chorus of her favorite Tom Petty song: 'Don't back down!' " – Marie Mocello

7. Recognizes hard work – "Terri understands how challenging the job can be and recognizes the efforts of an individual or a group. In a large corporation, it is easy to feel forgotten or overlooked, but Terri sends out kudos, arranges luncheons, buys breakfast, or finds other ways to thank us for our hard work." – K. Liichow

8. A boss and a friend

– "I believe that there is a slim line between friend and coworker. Many times we can blur these lines and find it hard to decide when you are in need of a boss and not a friend. I have been fortunate enough to find both of these qualities in my boss. He knows how to lay down the law in a friendly, yet assertive way, while not confusing who plays what role. On the flip side, it does make work go by faster if your boss rambles on about the sciences behind airplanes or outer space. I learn more from him in our random conversations than I do all day at college." – Nicole Ferrell

Tell us, why do you want to thank your boss?