Princesses Need Not Apply in New GoldieBlox Ad

After months of making headlines for its legal battles, GoldieBlox, the anti-princess company that sells toys and apparel to budding female engineers, wants to remind the world what its really about through yet another buzzy ad.

“This Is Your Brain on Engineering” posted to YouTube on Tuesday, opens with a little girl wearing a white lab coat outfitted with pink wings. She holds up an egg and says, “This is your brain.” She then sets the egg on a conveyer belt and says, “This is your brain on princess.” As the egg moves forward, it’s decorated with makeup, a blond wig, and a tiara as signs pop up with the captions, “At age 7, girls begin to lose confidence in math and science,” and “At age 13, over half of all girls are unhappy with their bodies.”

As the pretty egg falls off the belt, it's replaced by a new one and the girl says, “This is your brain on engineering.” And that's when the company truly makes its case with hand-written notes with stating, “Engineering jobs are growing faster than all other jobs in the U.S.,” “Female engineers earn 33 percent more than women in other fields,” and “Girls are more than just princesses...they are our greatest resources.” As the egg drops into a barn, it emerges a baby chick. "Any questions?" says the girl. The message is clear: That whole princess fantasy won't get you far in life.

The new ad comes just a month after GoldieBlox settled a lawsuit with the rap group The Beastie Boys. Last fall, the toy company wrote and used a parody of the band's 1987 song “Girls” without permission in an ad that subsequently went viral, then preemptively sued the hip-hop group, claiming that the video fell under fair use. Goldieblox pulled the song and issued a formal apology to The Beastie Boys in Novemberand most recently agreed to donate an undisclosed percentage of its profits to charity as part of the settlement.

We’re happy that GoldieBlox hasn't let the lawsuit distract from their message. More ads, please!