Game of Thrones Baby Names Are a Thing Now

by Megan Angelo

Courtesy of HBO
Courtesy of HBO

OK, Game of Thrones fans, you better hope this show holds up. Because the hottest baby names in Westeros are now the hottest baby names in real-life America--and if GoT doesn't achieve the same level of cultural timelessness as, say, Seinfeld, we're going to have a lot of pissed middle-schoolers on our hands.

Anyway, the big headline is this: As EW reports, 146 baby girls in America in 2012 were named Khaleesi. (Only 21 were named Daenerys, which I happen to think is prettier, but I guess Khaleesi puts the baby one step closer to being the first female president.)

Scanning through the report, though, I noticed several other GoT potential effects on naming patterns:

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Arya was the female baby name that made the biggest jump between 2011 and 2012--it moved up in the popularity rankings from #711 to #412. Variations like Aria and Ayla also made the top 50 mover-uppers.

Lots of powerful royal boy names are flying around. And I don't mean "George." Prince, King, Maximus, Titus, Julius--all on the rise.

Yunkai is in the mix. Not as a name on its own--but the Yellow City's suffix is growing in making a run as a a prefix. Kaiden and Kai both jumped up seven spots in their respective rankings.

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The "ae" effect is in full swing. For those who can't quite commit to Daenerys: Raelyn and Raelynn--as separate names--are two of the top eight girl names that increased in popularity most between 2011 and 2012. And Raegan--which jumped from #343 to #294--is chasing its more traditional spelling.

Interestingly, Jaime (for a boy) actually fell in popularity between 2011 and 2012, from #381 to #396. You guys mad at Nikolaj?

Obviously, I have to ask--if you HAD to name a kid one thing from Game of Thrones, what would you choose? For me it would probably be Roose. Kidding! I think Margaery is pretty.

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