Fugitive Tips Off Own Arrest with "Wanted" Shirt

And now, from Taiwan, a cautionary tale with the following lesson: Don’t wear T-shirts with writing that you can’t understand.

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A fugitive in the town of Huwei, in the southern country of Yunlin, learned that the hard way when he was arrested earlier this month while wearing a shirt bearing the word “Wanted," a police spokesperson told the French news agency AFP.

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The criminal, identified in reports by only his surname Wu, didn’t know any English, and had no clue what his shirt, a gift from his son, meant.

But as it turned out, a patrolling police officer did; he’d passed a proficiency test and was curious about the word on the tee.

That exchange led to Wu inspiring more questions—no doubt he appeared nervous—and to the cop checking his status on his police system. Which led to Wu being hauled in on drug charges.

End of lesson. Capiche?

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