The Frozen Effect: 12 Baby Names Animated Blockbusters Will Make Huge in the Next Few Years

by Megan Angelo

Courtesy of Disney
Courtesy of Disney

People are evidently not worried about ice-queen comparisons when it comes to naming their new daughters: BabyCenter says that post-Frozen, the name Elsa has jumped 34 percent in popularity. (Anna has climbed a little too but was already pretty big.)

So what will the little sisters and brothers of all these new Elsas be named? Easy: There are tons of cute names baked right into the biggest upcoming animated releases of the next couple of years. Check 'em out now so you don't have to scribble them down in the dark in the theater later.

From How to Train Your Dragon 2 (out now): Astrid
You could even do twin girls as Astrid and the actress who plays her, America (Ferrera).

From The Boxtrolls (2014): Winnie
If you're not already short-listing Aurora from Elle Fanning's turn in Maleficent, you might want to think about this one, which she goes by in this cute cave-dweller epic.

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From Inside Out (2015): Joy
Since we've already freaked over this star-studded film, you probably know that all the characters are named after emotions. But if anyone can make "Joy" seem like more than a feeling, it's Amy Poehler, who voices the character.

From The Good Dinosaur (2015): Arlo, Forrest, and Ivy

Weird to name your kid after Arlo, a 70-foot-tall dinosaur who befriends a little boy? Um, no--I'm pretty sure your son would be really into that. Forrest and Ivy are supporting characters whose names won't stop ringing in my head.

From Finding Dory (2016): Dory

Dora has gotten all the kid attention over the past several years for obvious reasons--but I think a Nemo sequel could really turn the tables in favor of this version.

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From Trolls (2016): Poppy
Anna Kendrick just signed on to play the lead in this film (which, as a former Troll hoarder, I am very excited for). Her voice + a name that's already spunky = a sure climb up the charts.

From Despicable Me 3 (2017): Edith, Agnes, and Margo
People can't get enough of the adorable D-Me franchise, and hearing these old-fashioned names for the third time around would finally convince me--I love them all.

From Moana (2018): Moana
This long-way-off but highly anticipated movie about a young girl sailing the world has the prettiest exotic-name candidate I've heard in a while. Snap it up now and you'll look like a genius of cool three years from now.

Which do you guys love?

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