Eat like a Guac Star! 5 Celebrity Guacamole Recipes for National Guacamole Day


Today is National Guacamole Day and we can't think of a single other dedicated food holiday that we enjoy more. Guacamole is the ultimate party maker in a bowl. People will flock to and gather 'round the guac with no questions asked. And you should not only let them, but join them. It's a heart-healthy food that's jam-packed with protein, fiber, vitamin C, and other essential nutrients.

If we were giving foods a star on Hollywood Boulevard, guacamole would be a top runner. But since this hasn't yet happened, we'll have to rely on the stars themselves to guac our socks off.

Enjoy five new homemade recipes for mashing avocados with tomatoes, peppers, and lime juice from the A-list.

Jillian Michaels - The Biggest Loser star's personal guacamole recipe made its debut in her Master Your Metabolism Cookbook. And for good reason! It's got fresh chilis, the spice from which has been linked with helping to maintain metabolism.

Star Ingredient - Ground Cumin

The Recipe - Jillian Michaels Guacamole

Eva Longoria - She gave up one of the best guac recipes we've ever tried in her cookbook Eva's Kitchen. She recommends pressing the pit of one of the avocados in to the bowl of guac to keep it from turning brown.

Star Ingredient - Fresh-squeezed lemon juice

The Recipe - Chunky Guacamole with Serrano Peppers

Beyonce - The singer has said that avocados are one of her favorite snacks, and guacamole one of her favorite childhood recipes from Loukoumi's Celebrity Cookbook. All of the protein no doubt keeps her in top shape to perform her high-energy dance moves.

Star Ingredient - Garlic

The Recipe - Beyonce's Easy Guacamole

Laura Bush - The former first lady might have lead a quiet existence in the White House, but her personal recipe for guac shows off her loud Texas roots. Just like her classic style, this guacamole is blended smooth and creamy.

Star Ingredient - Shallots

The Recipe - Laura Bush's Guacamole

Kelly Ripa - The petite morning show star doesn't just talk a big guacamole game, she walks it! Married to hunky Latin actor Mark Consuelos, it's no surprise that this smokin' hot duo can whip up one heck of a Mexican-inspired dinner.

Star Ingredient - Vidalia Onions

The Recipe - Kelly's Famous Guacamole

No matter which red carpet worthy guacamole you whip up today, your celebration won't be complete without a pitcher of our Talenti Frozen Sangria.