Dentist Makes Generous Offer to Injured Bicyclist ... on One Condition

A kindhearted dentist is offering free dental work to a cyclist who was injured in a vicious prank by a group of teens — but his gesture comes with a catch.

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Andy Sweeney, 20, was recently bicycling home from a grocery store in Portland, Oregon, when he was approached by three teenagers who tossed a traffic cone at him, knocking him off his bike. Sweeney hit the ground, sustaining a concussion, and breaking two of his front teeth.

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On Monday night, a local news team from Portland's KATU covered the incident and showed a photo of Sweeney smiling (and putting those broken teeth on display). Fortunately, a generous dentist happened to be watching.

Tracy Robinson – a dentist from the town of Veneta, a two-hour drive from Portland, sympathized with Sweeney. He said Sweeney would need expensive dental work that could cost a few thousand dollars. Robinson also learned that Sweeney’s friends were trying to raise money for the dental work online. "I saw the story last night and I was kind of shocked by the senseless violence of the whole deal," Robinson told KATU on Wednesday. "I thought it was pretty cool that I saw that a site had been set up for helping him to raise money to get his work done, and I thought I could do a little more than that."

He was also touched by Sweeney's upbeat attitude. “He still had a smile on his face!” Robinson said. He was so moved, in fact, that he offered to fix Sweeney’s teeth for free, but with one request: that the money raised by Sweeney’s friends be donated to charity. Robinson hopes that charity will be the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, as his daughter suffers from the disease.

Of the gesture, Robinson told KATU that his gesture "pulls some attention away from the thugs and senseless violence and spins it toward something a little more positive."

The story has generated chatter on social media site Reddit, where, earlier this week, Sweeney posted about the incident. And, according to a report published on Oregon Live, it’s the second time in less than a week that someone has been assaulted along that particular road. Yahoo Shine hasn't yet been able to reach Robinson or Sweeney for comment, so there’s no telling whether or not the two have connected or discussed on Robinson's offer. Hopefully, they'll both end up with something to smile about.

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