Are Bananas the New Energy Drink?
Banana beats Gatorade.
Banana beats Gatorade.

Love chugging a sports drink after you work up a sweat? According to new research, there's a cheaper way to get an energy boost.

By Korin Miller

Scientists from Appalachian State University discovered that eating a banana will give you the same benefits as chugging a sports drink after a tough workout. Even better, they provide antioxidants and more nutrition than energy drinks, like fiber, potassium, and vitamin B6. Plus, they have less sugar and cost a fraction of the price.

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For the study, researchers monitored cyclists who downed a banana or a sports drink during an intense workout, and analyzed their blood afterward.

Cyclists who ate half a banana every 15 minutes had just as much energy as the ones who consumed sports drinks, but got more nutrients in the end.

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Not a fan of eating while you work out? Noshing on a banana after you hit the gym should give you the same boost.

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