5 Incredible Drinks that Burn Belly Fat

Photo by: Sergey_Peterman
1. Ice Cold Water
Drink ice cold water to help your body burn more calories. Your body needs to burn more calories so the temperature of the ice cold water complements the body temperature. As you increase the amount of calories burned, it will start building up over time. According to a German study, drinking 2 glasses of ice cold water helps improve the rate of metabolism by at least 30 percent.
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Exercise is regarded as the best way to melt the fat accumulated around your body. However, if you wish to accelerate the fat burning process, a healthy diet goes hand in hand. If you are taking solid food such as lean meat, fruits, vegetables, dairy products, etc, proportionately, you are doing your best to make that fat go away. However, if you wish to take the fat burning process to another level, you should try drinking these 5 incredible drinks to improve your metabolism rate.


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