5 Greatest Homemade Veggie Patties Ever

Veggie Burgers: 10 Recipes, Countless Benefits
Veggie Burgers: 10 Recipes, Countless Benefits

To anyone who enjoys a "real" burger, the veggie burger patty has often been dismissed as a laughable imitation of the classic hamburger, with a foundational ingredient missing. While this may have been true in the past, things have started to change for the meatless version of this American classic. In fact, in recent years, the veggie burger has managed to transcend its early incarnations that we're designed to replicate (mostly with limited success) the taste and texture of its famous cousin, the hamburger. Creative chefs discovered that the lack of meat was not a limitation, but instead an opportunity to embrace healthy ingredients like vegetables, quinoa, lentils, bean, brown rice, and other grains to create veggie patties.

Today, the veggie burger may not have yet achieved iconic status as an American sandwich, but it has definitely found a place in our meat-dominated food culture. So, if you're looking to skip on meat this summer, avoid the frozen veggie burger patties found in grocery stores around the country and try one of these amazing recipes instead. Not only are they versatile, adaptable and delicious, but unlike the hamburger, they also come with countless benefits.

Here is our list of 5 Must-Try Veggie Patties!

1. The Ultimate Veggie Patty

If a recipe doesn't rock your socks off, we are not going to call it ultimate. Folks,this veggie burger is vegan, gluten free, grain free, low carb, and doesn't taste like the socks it rocked off. These miraculous patties of joy are endlessly customizable to whatever you want. Add in different veggies, beans, flavors… you have no excuse not to make these because they adapt to whatever you have on hand. So actually… you should go make these now.Let your imagination (and your taste buds) run wild!

2. Red Lentil Veggie Patty with Kale Pesto
While you may enjoy veggies, getting your loved on to eat a veggie burger may require some persuasion. Use this recipe to get them to cross over; it's not chewy or mushy. It is crispy on the outside, so they feel grilled. The patties are super tasty and they won't even care it's veggie!

3. Cajun Burger Patties
These cajun burger patties are super tasty, and are also really quick to put together. The base is kasha, which are toasted buckwheat grains. They're a gorgeous brown color, and shaped like a pyramid. They also have a nice toasty flavor, which goes really well with the grilling season. These hold up fairly well on the BBQ, since kasha cooks to be fairly dry, but all veggie patties (veggie or meat) are prone to sticking when they're fresh and soft. There are some tips below on preparing the grill and the burgers for cooking, so be sure to read through them first if you plan on cooking these straight on the BBQ.

4. Raw Yam Burger Patty and Daikon Fries

All that's in these patties and fries is a whack load of vegetables and spices. Goes like this: throw stuff in the food processor, rub things with your hands, toss something in the dehydrator and you'll get a gourmet raw food meal in no time! (Okay, we may have simplified that process a little.) But seriously - it's pretty much that easy. Look at the colors of this recipe!

5. Portobello Patties
Full of flavor, these plant-based burgers are extremely versatile. Time for cooked method: 10 minutes prep; 2-3 minutes to cook Prep time for raw method: 10 minutes; 10-12 hours to dehydrate.


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