4 Surprising Things You Don't Have to Buy Organic

Vitamin G, Glamour Magazine

Sarah Jio, Glamour magazine

Organic can be more expensive, so it's great to know which items you can do without at the store and opt for the more affordable conventional choice. Here are four to put on your list...

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Health contributor Sara Reistad-Long shared a fascinating list of items we don't have to feel guilty about not buying organic:

1. Avocados: The thick skin protects the fruit from pesticide contamination.

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2. Spices: Even if your cinnamon isn't organic, fear not. We use so little of it, that it's unlikely to have adverse effects. (Good news, because organic spices are uber pricy!)

3. Clothing: You've heard the hype about organic cotton, and while it is produced in a more environmentally friendly way, conventional clothes aren't a true health risk, say experts.

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4. Eggs: Experts have compared conventional and organic eggs side-by-side and they have very similar composition--plus, chickens aren't given growth hormones, so you're in the clear there.

Do you buy any of these items organically?

P.S. This woman lost 30 lbs eating this surprising thing. And, my fave (vegan!) pancakes.

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