12 Foods that Won't Make You Bloat

Load up on the cucumbers for that sexy tummy.
Load up on the cucumbers for that sexy tummy.

With all the hard work you've done to get ready for bikini season, the last thing you want is to look bloated on beach day. That's why we consulted the experts for the foods that will keep you from puffing up. (Some even fight existing bloat-a major perk when it's crunch time.)

By Korin Miller

They're not just a tasty snack-cukes are loaded with water, which helps fight bloat, says nutrition expert Joy Bauer, RD, author of The Joy Fit Club. Basically, the more water you take in without fiber, the more you pee. And the more you pee, the flatter your stomach feels.

Just like cucumbers, watermelon is loaded with, uh, water-which, again, fights bloat, says Bauer. It's also less than 100 calories per large wedge, and surprisingly isn't loaded with sugar (oh, and it tastes delish).

You probably already know that water retention is one of the reasons you puff out, but asparagus can help reduce it, says nutritionist Stephanie Middleberg, RD. Add a few stalks to your meal the night before you hit the beach to make sure you're looking flat the next day.

Ate something salty the night before? Nosh on a banana in the a.m. Middleberg says high-potassium foods like this can off-set sodium and prevent you from puffing out.

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Egg Whites
Try an egg-white omelette before you hit the beach, says Bauer. It's packed with protein, which will fill you up, and acts like a pee-inducing diuretic to de-bloat you.

Munch on these little delights to fight the stomach bulge.
Munch on these little delights to fight the stomach bulge.

Red Grapes
These pretty little things are a great way to satisfy your sweet tooth-and they can reduce gas and bloating, says Bauer. Pop them in the freezer the night before and, take a chilly bunch with you to the beach for a refreshing snack.

Greek Yogurt
Not only is Greek yogurt full of protein, it helps aid in digestion, giving you a flatter stomach in a shorter amount of time, says Bauer. She recommends opting for one with less than 20 grams of sugar, since too much of the sweet stuff can make you gain weight.

Iced Coffee (or Tea)
Steer clear of anything with carbonation in it, since it'll make you super-gassy. Instead, opt for a water-packed iced coffee or tea, says Bauer. Just limit yourself to no more than one packet of sugar.

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Try to include at least one healthy fat in every meal, like avocado, nut butter, fish, or olive oil, says Middleberg. They'll help you feel full without too much volume.

A handful of almonds a day will keep the bloat away. Err, is that how it goes?
A handful of almonds a day will keep the bloat away. Err, is that how it goes?


Almonds and pistachios are great, non-bloating snacks-provided they're unsalted, says Bauer. Their high-protein count also helps you feel fuller, faster.

String Cheese
We were surprised to hear this one: Unless you're lactose intolerant, dairy products won't make you bloat, says Middleberg. Pack a stick of string cheese in your cooler for a yummy beach snack.

Hitting up a BBQ? Go for grilled veggies like zucchini. They'll fill you up without too many calories, says Bauer, so you won't be as tempted to load up on bloaty foods like chips and potato salad.

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