Top 6 Energy Efficient Home Improvement Projects

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Insulate the Ceilings - As heat rises inside the home, unless there are adequate levels of insulation in place to trap it inside the building, then it will keep on rising out of the roof and be wasted. For many years, energy efficient homes were not considered important and as such the majority of older homes tend not to be insulated very well, if at all.

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To counter this problem, the installation of loft insulation into the roof space will significantly reduce heat loss making the home much easier to heat and a far more comfortable environment for the occupants. To achieve the best performance, the insulation should be laid to a depth of at least 300mm.

There are many reasons that homeowners may be looking to complete energy efficient home improvement projects such as installing double glazing and fitting insulated garage doors.

With the majority of homeowners falling into the categories of "looking to have lower utility bills each month" or "wishing to reduce the overall environmental impact the family has on the planet" there are now many solutions available that are readily available and cost far less than you may imagine, especially when you factor in the long term cost savings.

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Whilst many home improvement projects tend to focus on improving the look of our homes in the desire to make them more appealing and valuable and think nothing of spending vast amounts of money on the latest kitchen or bathroom, the same cannot be said about improving the thermal efficiency of our homes.

Although there are many ways of increasing energy efficiency within the home, some projects and solutions are far more effective than others and it tends to be homes that feature a range of solutions that reap the most rewards.

Here are the 6 most effective ways of reducing the amount of energy when making home improvements:

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