Recycling Around the World: 7 Practices We Should Adopt from Other Countries

Photo by: Photo credit: Mr Phil Price/Flickr
Known for their passion for recycling, Sweden goes one step further than anyone else, powering a quarter of a million homes with burnt up waste. The city's garbage is used to create heat and electricity, but they've recently found themselves in a bit of a pickle: they've run out of garbage! Thankfully Norway has come to the rescue and is not only paying Sweden to take their garbage, but is importing it over for their use. Genius! Source: MNN
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Recycling around the world varies drastically by country. Sadly, the United States doesn't measure up to the world's top recycling nations … not by a long shot. To encourage recycling, many states in the US have put 5-10 cent deposits on bottles or drink containers, and there are cities in the United States that recycle by requirement. However the country still has a very, very long way to go; only 32.5% of the total waste in the United States is recycled! This a very low number considering the large population. Perhaps the US could learn from the following countries who take recycling very seriously - so seriously that one has actually run out of garbage! In honor of America Recycles Day, which falls on November 15th, check out some super cool recycling ideas that have been put into practice by countries around the world. Click through for 7 recycling practices we should adopt from other countries! -By Nadia Carriere


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