Garden of Easy: 7 Simple Ways to Add Some Green Indoors

Photo by: Etsy / Seller: Rooted
Monogram Succulent Planter
There may be no better method for personalized planting than by using this awesome monogram succulent planter! I love the different succulents this grower used. Snag this steal-worthy tip, and get one of your own.
Get it from the seller Rooted at Etsy, $89
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If you long for the ability to garden but lack the green thumb that some people possess, I've got the perfect solution for you. Adding succulents to your home requires little maintenance and can be an easy way to add a little green to your life. During the winter, days can be dreary, and, if you live in the North, all your outdoor plants and flowers likely have wilted and died after suffering from freezing temperatures. Therefore, now is the perfect time to try your hand at some indoor planting! A foolproof way to garden, planting succulents can survive even the poorest of gardeners, so why not try your hand at adding some to your home? Click through for 7 simple ways to add some green indoors! - By Melanie Blodgett

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