Do skinny jeans really make you feel skinny?

My body type

: Long and curvy. Skinny jeans help keep everything tight, just like it was before having kids.

Lucky Brand

Fit: They were high enough in the back that I could bend over without a panty show, yet low enough for me to feel sexy in them.
Texture/Color: I did not have to do lunges to put them on, and they still have a snug fit.
Would wear to: A night out in the city with heels, or to the beach with a pair of flip flops.
Makes me feel: Skinny!
I'd recommend to: Ladies who do not want to feel fat while trying to squeeze themselves into a pair of skinny jeans.
I feel the price is: Just what I would expect to pay for a good pair of jeans.

True Religion

Fit: The only way to get around tailoring these jeans is if Michael Jordan is planning on wearing them.
Texture/Color: My butt is the last place where I want to draw attention after having kids. There was more bling on the bottom pockets than Zsa Zsa Gabor's diamond rings.
Would wear to: Somewhere I do not want anyone to know my real age.
Makes me feel: I'm living the teenage dream.
I'd recommend to: The ladies who have gotten their Brazilian butt lifts done.
I feel the price is: The bling on these jeans should be real for the cost of $271 (plus tailoring).


Fit: They were so flexible that I thought I was wearing leggings.
Texture/Color: The material was weak enough to see the threads of the fabric.
Would wear to: The grocery store in the middle of the night, when I wake-up realizing that I am out of milk for the kid's breakfast in the morning.
Makes me feel: Like wearing them on my next 5k run.
I'd recommend to: The ladies who want the look, but do not want to make a large dent in the wallet.
I feel the price is: Perfect for the Mom who does not want to feel guilty about getting something for herself, instead of her kids.


Fit: They were more like frumpy jeans, instead of skinny jeans.
Texture/Color: The material had a strange odor, which reminded me of a gas station convenience store.
Would wear to: Stock the shelves at Walmart.
Makes me feel: Like I should regret eating that cracker off my child's plate.
I'd recommend to: The lady standing on the corner holding the "out of work" sign.
I feel the price is: Too high for what women would be buying.

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