Shine Get It Guide review: Most popular jeans

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It's time for our second Shine Get it Guide review, and for this round we're tackling a really important topic: jeans. Seriously, great jeans can mean the difference between a good day (the perfect pair makes you exude confidence and sex appeal) and a bad one (think sagging in the butt, too tight at the waist, and feeling overall frumpy). We asked our 10 gurus to test out the 4 most popular denim brands in their style of choice. Read on to see which jeans prevailed: Lucky Brand, Levi's, True Religion, or Lee. Be sure to vote on your favorite before December 11th in the poll above!

Lucky Brand

Lucky Brand jeans were the clear winner, 6 out of 10 gurus preferred them. Ashley Laurel felt they were "stylish, without trying too hard" and felt the dark wash could take her from day to night. "The minute I put my right leg in a pair of Lucky Brand jeans I was in fashion and comfort heaven," said Tina Case. "I can even do a yoga mountain pose as if I was still wearing my usual yoga pants. They are the perfect length and hug me in all the right places." Jodi Grundig felt confident in her skinny Lucky style. "The fit is perfect, perfect, perfect—stretchy in the waist and thighs, but tight down the calves," she said. Katie Dillon loved the Lucky trouser denim and said to "pair them with heels and a sweater set and you'll look downright professional." Michelle Rivera, however was not a fan of the fit. She said, "baby got back, but I guess not enough of it to fill these jeans."


This classic brand made our gurus feel nostalgic, and 3 out of 10 liked Levi's the best. Michelle Rivera thought they were a comfortable, everyday go-to jean, while Anne-Marie Nichols said she'd wear them "everywhere from Harley rides to lunch with the girls." When Sarah Lipoff slipped on some Levi's she felt "so amazing I wore them out of the store (really, the husband made me)." Katie Dillon liked the vintage-feel of their trouser jeans saying, "You could really go bohemian with these, if you wanted to." While many Gurus considered them old standards, Sahar Aker felt they were a little outdated, "I wore Levi's in high school and college and I will always have a soft spot for them. But I've moved on."

True Religion

Three of our gurus said True Religion jeans made them feel like a rock star. Other adjectives used were trendy, stylish, and expensive. Clare Yeakel is the only guru who voted them the best, but she had good reason. "I'm almost 40, but single, so that rock star thing is important, people. I will wear these jeans until they fall to pieces, and feel fabulous in them every time I pull them on." Shelby Barone said, "The only way to get around tailoring these jeans is if Michael Jordan is planning on wearing them." She also didn't like all the embellishments. "My butt is the last place I want to draw attention after having kids [and] there was more bling on the bottom pockets than Zsa Zsa Gabor's diamond rings." Ashley Laurel agreed. "Can I say blinged out here? Overall, these jeans are just too much unless you're in a place like Hollywood or New York City." Sarah Lipoff said they're perfect for hitting the scene. "Sadly, my 'scene' includes watching re-runs of 'Iron Chef' while eating ice cream straight from the container."


Poor old Lee jeans received no votes. Sahar Aker described them as frumpy, uncool, and cheap. Sarah Lipoff said "I felt like I was attempting to find a knock-off of the good stuff." Anne-Marie Nichols said they were comfortable but too low for her taste. She'd recommend them to "women who think, 'Gosh darnit, I paid serious coin for that tramp stamp. I'm showing it off!'" Some gurus noted that even the skinny jeans have a loose fit. Shelby Barone said "the material had a strange odor, which reminded me of a gas station convenience store." But Tina Case saw one major redeeming factor. "Starting on sale around $34 you can't beat the price for the value. These are the most affordable. And they're stylish!"

Have you tried any of these brands? Vote for your favorite in our Get It Guide poll and let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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