Levi’s or Lee jeans? Flip a coin!



My body type is: Short and curvy.


Perfectly Slimming 512 Boot Cut Jeans (short cut)

Fit: High-waisted enough to be called "mom jeans," wear these jeans with an untucked shirt. The boot cut is almost generous enough to be considered a flare, and looks great with cowboy boots or high heels.
Would wear to: Everywhere from Harley rides to lunch with the girls.
The color and texture is: Dark and looks new, but feels broken in. A word of warning: fits differ between various colors of 512s. Make sure to try on all Levi's jeans before buying!
Make me feel: Hip and secure enough not to worry about plumber's butt.
I'd recommend to: Any woman with a little "extra" who wants a comfortable but slimming jean.
I feel the price is: Extremely reasonable. The suggested retail price is MSRP is $44, but they were on sale for $39.99.


Comfort Fit Petite Boot Cut

Fit: Is cut just below the waist. It's a very stretchy jean, so perfect for bending down to retrieve dirty laundry off your child's bedroom floor.
The color and the texture is: Medium dark and soft.
Make me feel: Comfortable, but not sloppy.
Would wear to: Everywhere including a nap on the couch.
I'd recommend to: A woman with extra curves, of petite height, who wants to be comfortable while looking stylish.
I feel the price is: A bargain! Lee's sell for $36.99 at Kohl's, but were on sale for $32.99.


Slender Secret Petite Boot Cut

Fit: Cut lower on the waist, so watch it when you bend over. My son recommended that I wear a belt.
The color and the texture is: A prewashed, medium dark.
Makes me feel: Comfortable, but feeling a slight draft in the caboose.
Would wear to: Any place I didn't have to bend down.
I'd recommend to: Women who think, "Gosh darnit, I paid serious coin for that tramp stamp. I'm showing it off!"
I feel the price is: A bargain.

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