Get It Guide: Do these jeans make me look fat?

Jeans rank right up there with shoes for me as far as things I love to buy and don't mind spending money on. I will wear a good pair of jeans until they literally fall apart. They also rank right up there with bikinis as far as things that make me feel horrible about myself in the glare of the dressing room lights. That said...what did this single, 39-year-old mama, think about some different brands of bootcut jeans? I'll tell ya!

My body type is: Hourglass. I'm 5'2", a buck twenty on a good day, and curvy. But as I get older, I carry my weight in midsection which makes finding a pair of flattering jeans harder than it used to be.

Lucky Brand

Fit: Nice, but I learned that feathering is non-negotiable for me. There was a bit of it, but not enough. When there is nothing going on but solid colored denim on my thighs I'm convinced I look large. Crazy? Possibly.
Texture/color is: Too monotone and too light for my taste.
Make me feel: Like I need to lose 5 pounds.
Would wear to: I'm a brand snob. And Lucky Brands are okay that way. So even though I secretly think the Levis were more flattering? I'd likely wear the Lucky Brands out on a GNO before the Levis.
I'd recommend to: Someone who weighs five pounds less than I do.
I feel the price is: At about $100, okay for a pair of jeans that you will love, but maybe a little high if you're not totally sold on them.

True Religion

Fit: Like a glove. (Those are True Religion jeans in the picture)
Texture/color is: A deep, dark blue, with feathering. A combo I find the most flattering.
Make me feel: Like a rock star. Really. And I'm almost 40. But single, so that rock star thing is important, people.
Would wear to: Anywhere I wanted someone to notice me.
I'd recommend to: This almost 40-year-old single mama. (Me.)
I feel the price is: Oh okay. Right. Here's the rub. The pair I liked? Have the Swarovksi buttons, etc. They were a huge splurge, but ladies, I am telling you, if you can swing it, they are worth it. I will wear these jeans until they fall to pieces, and feel fabulous in them every time I pull them on.


Fit: These jeans went on like a dream, which really surprised me. They had nice feathering on the thighs which is a must-have for me because I'm convinced feathering is slimming.
Texture/color is: Surprisingly nice! The aforementioned feathering, and faded in just the right spots.
Make me feel: Yeah okay so here's the rub. All of the above is good but I still just can't get comfortable wearing Levi's. Yet. They make me feel less than sexy and sexy is something I look for in jeans.
Would wear to: I live in Texas. I'd wear them horseback riding and feel decently cute in them. I might wear them to the office. I would not wear them out.
I'd recommend to: My mom. They are cute, and flattering, and would be a big upgrade from what she's wearing.
I feel the price is: Just right. About $60.


Fit: They come in petites which is nice because they don't need a hem. But they fit like I'm a 39-year-old mom that doesn't really care too much about what jeans I pull onto my body...and that's not who I am. I'm a 39-year-old single mom who is in the dating game and I care about the jeans I pull onto my body.
Texture/color is: The pair I tried on was a little too light denim. I like a darker jean; I find them more flattering.
Make me feel: Like my mom. Sorry Lee, the brand just isn't there yet and I can't lie, I care about brand in a pair of jeans.
Would wear to: Nope, can't get there. I wouldn't wear Lee jeans.
I'd recommend to: Anyone who wants a good deal on a pair of solid jeans and isn't worried about brand.
I feel the price is: A steal. You can grab these babies on sale for less than $30.

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Clare Yeakel, a single working mom and MBA, works for one of the world's largest financial services providers. When not working, she enjoys food, wine, good times with friends and managing the drama (and fun) that come with having a tween daughter. She blogs regularly on parenting and dating on Shine. You can find her at Life on the C Train.