Get It Guide Gurus – Jeans

I've been eying wide leg jeans ever since their recent comeback. Yes, they're a little retro, but in a cool hip way. Of course, jeans have to fit just right. And as I tested the four Get It Guide choices, I had a clear favorite... with a lot of flair.

My body type is: Petite/Apple.

Lucky Brand

Fit: Like a glove. I couldn't find them in a petite size so they were a little long, but I loved the style and all over fit. These were my fave of the four brands.
Texture/color is: Soft, comfortable, stylish dark denim.
Make me feel: Hip… and a little lucky.
Would wear to: A night out with my girlfriends or dinner out with my husband.
I'd recommend to: All my BFFs because I want them to look good, too.
I feel the price is: Worth it. Especially with some clever math. The pair I tried was $119 at Macy's, but with a 20%-off coupon, they would be $95. And that's about all I'll fork over for jeans.

True Religion

Fit: Very comfortable and stylish stretch denim.
Texture/color is: They felt like butter. Or silk. Or something else ridiculously soft and luxurious.
Make me feel: Like a rock star.
Would wear to:If I spent this much money on jeans, I would wear them 24/7/365.
I'd recommend to: Anyone who likes to splurge on premium jeans.
I feel the price is: Way too high! I would rather spend $189 on a pair of boots. But I would love these as a gift, in case anyone is wondering. I also plan to stalk the sale racks.


Fit: Back in the day… before there were a gazillion brands of jeans, you wore either Levi's or Lee. I was a Levi's girl. They have always fit me well, and still do.
Texture/color is: Nice, traditional casual jeans feel.
Make me feel: A little outdated. I wore Levi's in high school and college and I will always have a soft spot for them. But I've moved on.
Would wear to: Run errands or just around the house.
I'd recommend to: Teens - the new Levi's generation.
I feel the price is: Reasonable ($54). But my taste has changed.


Fit:Lee and I have never been a good fit. They just look masculine-ish and cheap.
Texture/color is: Rough and a little stiff, not comfortable like I want my jeans to be.
Make me feel: Frumpy, un-cool, and uncomfortable.
Would wear to: Nowhere. I just can't.
I'd recommend to: Can't think of anyone.
I feel the price is: Fair ($46). But not for something I won't wear.

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