From my fitting room to your sitting room: Bootcut jeans!

My body type is:


Lucky Brand

Lola Bootcut

Fit: I am 5'2 in height and these jeans are way too long for me. Apparently they don't carry any jeans that I wouldn't have to hem. I was disappointed on how they sagged off my butt too, is it more ladylike to say "bottom?" They even sagged from the back of my legs! Either way, baby got back, but I guess not enough of it to fill these jeans.
Texture/Color is: The texture was comfortable and the color was your typical, dark blue, slightly washed out jeans.
Makes me feel: Frumpy.
Would wear it: Absolutely nowhere.
I'd recommend to: Somebody who is tall and curvy.
I feel the price is: Too much and that you are simply just paying for the brand name. They were $99.00, but, in my opinion, not anything special enough to pay that amount.

True Religion

High Rise Boot

Fit: Love how these jeans hug my thighs, butt and legs. However, they are way too long. They do fit like a glove everywhere else and have some nice design details on them.
Texture/Color is: Very comfortable. The color has a slight washed-out look to it that I like.
Makes me feel: Stylish and trendy.
Would wear it to: A girl's night out or a casual date with my hub.
I'd recommend to: Anyone looking for a comfortable and fashionable jean.
I feel the price is: Expensive at $149.99. However, I liked these jeans so much that I would still buy them. They are my winner of all four pairs of jeans!


515 'Bootcut'

Fit: Woo Hoo! First pair of jeans I tried on that carried "short" lengths and were actually an overall almost perfect fit (they could have just been a little more snug).
Texture/Color: Comfortable and your classic "blue" jean.
Makes me feel: Tall and thin.
Would wear it: To casual outings like shopping, hanging out with family and friends, it definitely could be an everyday go-to jean for me.
I'd recommend to: Anyone, especially petite women who have difficulty finding jeans that fit their height properly.
I feel the price is: Good—$54.00 for jeans I could wear almost anywhere in my daily life is great!


Fit Innovations

Fit: These jeans were also too long, however this time a nice snug fit on my behind.
Texture/Color: The texture is very soft and extremely comfortable. The color was a nice rich dark blue.
Makes me feel: Skinny! Lees surprisingly hugged my body nicely with the exception of the length being too long.
Would wear it: Once again nowhere. Just not my style, but still a nice pair of jeans.
I'd recommend to: My mom.
I feel the price is: Fair, it's $54.00, which isn't that bad for a pair of jeans these days.

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