Finding the perfect pair of skinny jeans

I've been wanting a pair of skinny jeans to tuck into my winter boots, but with my post c-section body, jeans aren't always my friend. I headed to the mall with one mission - to find the perfect pair of skinny jeans.

My body type is: Short, with skinny legs and not-so-skinny butt and thighs. It's definitely difficult to find flattering jeans.

Lucky Brand

Charlie Skinny Jeans

Fit: Perfect, perfect, perfect - stretchy in the waist and thighs, but tight down the calves. They are the perfect blend of stretchiness without being "jeggings". And they fit right into my boots.
Texture/color is: Lighter than I wanted, but the fit and comfort make up for it.
Make me feel: Confident, because I can actually wear skinny jeans that are flattering.
Would wear to:
Anywhere I can. They are THAT comfortable. The lighter wash makes them a bit more casual, so they are better for daywear.
I'd recommend to: Someone looking to dip their toe into the world of skinny jeans.
I feel the price is: A worth-it splurge. They are expensive, but I know I'll get a lot of wear out of them.

True Religion

Halle Super Skinny

Fit: Tight in the right places but with room in the waist.
Texture/color is: Kind of retro, but in a good way. They are very stylish with a dark wash and very obvious stitching.
Make me feel: Like a rock star!
Would wear to: Date night, or somewhere a little nicer than my everyday errands. After all, they are almost $200!
I'd recommend to: Anyone with extra cash to spend on a flattering pair of jeans.
I feel the price is: Kind of ridiculous. They may be flattering, but they aren't THAT flattering.


Skinny Jeans

Fit: Exactly as I'd expect from skinny jeans—tight but not too restricting.
Texture/color is:
Perfect: dark, but not too dark.
Make me feel: Like I want to wear a big sweater over them, to hide my thighs.
Would wear to: School pick-up, a nice lunch with friends.
I'd recommend to: Anyone with confidence (or some big sweaters)!
I feel the price is: Just perfect! You can buy these, and a shirt to match for the cost of some of the other jeans!



Fit: Not skinny. I had to check the label twice to see if they really were skinny jeans.
Texture/color is: I could only find them in white. Texture has a bit of stretch.
Make me feel: Like I'm really skinny. These are some baggy skinny jeans.
Would wear to: I wouldn't. Not-so-skinny skinny jeans just look like too-tight regular jeans.
I'd recommend to: Anyone who really isn't looking for skinny jeans.
I feel the price is:
Great. Again, you can also buy a shirt to match for the cost of the other jeans.

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