Finding the perfect pair of jeans

I love wearing jeans — but have the hardest time finding ones that fit. Either they droop in places they shouldn't, or hug too close in all the wrong spots. So when my latest Get It Guide Guru assignment was to find the perfect pair of jeans, I honestly thought it wasn't possible.

I was wrong….

Style: Trouser.

My body type is: A healthy size 10 — with ample (ample) thighs.

Lucky Brand

Super Stretch High Rise Trouser

Fit: These are totally stylish, so comfortable — but a tad long and almost a bit too stretchy, like hybrid yoga-pant jeans.
Texture/Color is: With a 70's throwback cut, these wide-legged hipsters are soft and the perfect shade of blue.
Make me feel: awesome! While checking out my sleek outline, I felt totally up to date.
Would wear: All over the place. These are the jeans you want to wear everyday along with your coziest sweater.
I'd recommend to: All hotties! Along with being perfect for everyone (no matter the size), these jeans can be dressed up with boots or worn with flips.
I feel the price is: Yeah, these jeans are over $150, but if you are looking for a total splurge, go for it. I contemplated picking them up but decided to pass.

True Religion

Dana Wide Leg Trouser

Fit: My tushie looked awesome, but topping out at 5'7", these jeans were 4+ inches longer. You'd have to rock some super-mega-high platforms to pull these off.
Texture/Color is: True Religion only carries a black jean at the moment in a wide-leg or trouser cut at the moment. I like jeans that look like jeans.
Make me feel: Totally sexy - from mid-thigh up.
Would wear while: Hitting the scene! (Sadly, my "scene" includes watching re-runs of Iron Chef while eating ice cream straight from the container.)
I'd recommend to: Super tall and lanky ladies, which I am not...
I feel the price is: Crazy! Upwards of $200, all the groceries I could purchase in a month flashed before my eyes while lovingly putting them back.


5-Pocket Comfort Flare

Fit: Levi's doesn't carry trousers, but does have a comfort-fit flare, which rocked my world—and perfectly hugged my thighs!
Texture/Color is: Hot! Along with being soft and wonderfully distressed, these jeans have slight details that make them more than basic.
Make me feel: So amazing I wore them out of the store (really, the husband made me).
Would wear to: The grocery store in ballerina flats and then out to dinner with wedges.
I'd recommend to: Everyone! Just about anyone could pull these jeans off and feel good about their curvy, cute selves.
I feel the price is: Perfect! With a price tag around $50, these jeans should be in your closet NOW.


Stretch Trouser

Fit: These slipped on super easy, but once zipped were a bit bulky.
Texture/Color is: bordering on rough with an off-putting gray color almost like tweed pants that make you itch.
Make me feel: While walking through the store looking for a smaller size, I felt like I was attempting to find a knock-off of the good stuff.
Would wear to: Yeah, I'm not going to wear these jeans.
I'd recommend to: Hmmmm. Not sure.
I feel the price is: Cheap! These jeans are a good deal — but not the best purchase.

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