Comparative trouser jean shopping for tall girls



My body type is: Tall and svelte.

Lucky Brand

Fit: Just perfect.
Texture/color is: Dark navy blue so I can go from day to night.
Make me feel: Stylish, without trying too hard.
Would wear to: Everywhere. I'd wear these jeans every day if I could. In fact, I've owned these jeans for a few months now and am still getting compliments!
I'd recommend to: Any girl who has my build, in heels.
I feel the price is: Spot on.

True Religion

Fit: I tried on two pairs and both were way too tight on me!
Texture/color is: Can I say blinged-out here? Overall, these jeans are just too much unless you're in a place like Hollywood or New York City. I was able to find a pair that fit my personality after a bit of digging.
Make me feel: Like a pop princess.
Would wear to: A concert.
I'd recommend to: My first thought was Britney Spears because some pairs I looked at had serious bling.
I feel the price is: Too much!


Fit: Too loose around the middle.
Texture/color is: Comfortable. The type of jean you'd lounge in.
Make me feel: Suburban.
Would wear to: Personally, not my taste.
I'd recommend to: A suburban homebody looking for a comfy jean.
I feel the price is: Spot on.


Fit: Too loose around the middle.
Texture/color is: Dark enough for my liking. The back pockets are a little too detailed for everyday wear.
Make me feel: I was stressed when I finally found a pair of Lee jeans as I had to travel way outside of San Francisco to do so. They should carry this brand at more stores because I found them surprisingly decent.
Would wear to: I'd say these might be a decent wear for kicking around in on a weekend if the middle section fit better.
I'd recommend to: Someone in the suburbs. Like the Levi's jeans, this brand didn't quite cut it.
I feel the price is: Fair.

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