‘Bend and snap’ jeans test

Tina Case
Tina Case

Let's face it; after having three kids and expanding my family with two dogs, my priority in clothes starts and stops with comfort. But I've made a new discovery: comfort and fashion can be had in one fell swoop. Thank goodness I got Lucky. And I do mean Lucky Brand jeans. They are my new favorite fashion and comfort statement. I feel like a new woman when I wear them.

Style: Skinny.

My body type is: Slender, Petite (5'4") 115 pounds.

Lucky Brand

Fit: All jeans are not created equal. The minute I put my right leg in a pair of Lucky Brand jeans I was in fashion and comfort heaven. These jeans pass my "bend and snap" test without my coin slot showing. I can even do a yoga mountain pose as if I was still wearing my usual yoga pants. They are the perfect length and hug me in all the right places. I LOVE my Lucky's. As they say in yoga-land, Namaste.
Texture/color is: The blue jean color is faded perfectly. It is hip and current. The texture is super soft, lightweight and SO comfortable.
Make me feel: Sexy, skinny and back in fashion. I no longer feel like I'm a yoga pants mom. You get the yoga pants comfort in a styling, skinny blue jean!
Would wear to: Anywhere. These jeans can take you from the morning carpool scene to being seen on a date with the hubby effortlessly. Mix it up with the right top and you're good to go.
I'd recommend to: Not only would I recommend them to my mommy friends, but also to my daughters.
I feel the price is: At first glance the $99 price tag seems steep. But when you consider how great you'll look it's a fantastic price for comfort and fashion. They're a great deal when you consider how much you're going to wear them. And the top I bought is super comfy.

True Religion

Fit: I tried a pair of the Julie Glitz and Glam with silver Swarovski crystal pave trim. I was quickly disappointed. They hung without hugging and left my fashion prayers unanswered.
Texture/color is: Love the color of the blue jeans and especially the Swarovski bling. But True Religion was not a match made in heaven for this mom.
Make me feel: Dumpy even with the Swarovski bling. Not a single hug to my hips or cling to my thighs. Could just be the wrong brand for my body type.
Would wear to: Based on the crystal bling I would say these are more appropriate for a night out than a day at the playground.
I'd recommend to: Can't say that I'd recommend these to any of my friends since they did not fit me well at all.
I feel the price is: You have to justify the $253 price tag with having the perfect form, fit and style. This price seems unreasonable since they did not suit my shape.

Levi's Jeans

Fit: Levi's has the Curve ID that matches your body type to the jean style. I have to say these jeans fit great. In my "bend and snap" test they came in a very, very close second.
Texture/color is: Love the timeless smooth cotton texture and the classic blue jeans color.
Make me feel: These jeans felt great and made me feel like I was back in college.
Would wear to: Jeans are timeless. Levi's jeans can move from the PTA to the board room and on to dinner effortlessly.
I'd recommend to: My mom friends and my teenage daughters.
I feel the price is: Starting around $68 the price was very reasonable considering how great they fit and how much you'll wear them.

Lee Jeans

Fit: Like Levi's, Lee jeans are an American standard. You know you are getting quality since they've been in the jean-making business since 1889. The pair of Kate Midrise that I put on fit okay, but was a little slouchy in the thighs.
Texture/color is: Lee has the perfect formula for that classic, already-washed, faded-blue denim. The texture is soft and worn so they don't look brand spanking new.
Make me feel: Like I could rock and roll with the best of them. Putting a pair of Lee's jeans on takes me back to my middle school years. I would probably consider buying them if they had a tad more spandex.
Would wear to: The market, PTA meeting, on a casual date with the hubby and on a Girls Night Out.
I'd recommend to: All my mommy friends and their daughters.
I feel the price is: Starting on sale around $34, you can't beat the price for the value. These are the most affordable. And they're styling!

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