Enjoying a Tailgate Without Blowing Your Diet!

There's no reason to sit this one out with Hungry Girl's guilt-free tailgating picks. Game on!

THE MAIN EVENT: Mealtime Must-Haves

Boca Original Vegan Meatless Burgers

Just because a burger is meat-free doesn't mean it has to taste like it came from the ground. These patties are hearty and the stats are incredibly impressive -- only 70 calories and half a gram of fat each! Plus, they've got protein (just like meat patties) and the added bonus of fiber. Slap one on the grill for that authentic tailgate taste. While patties made from extra-lean ground beef are also a great pick, we recommend picking up a box of these. Find 'em in the freezer aisle of your supermarket.

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Arnold/Oroweat Sandwich Thins

While there are light hamburger bun options out there, we prefer these 100-calorie thin sandwich rolls. There are lots of varieties to choose from, and they give you the most surface area for guilt-free condiments like ketchup, mustard, and BBQ sauce. Score!

Hebrew National 97% Fat Free Beef Franks

You don't have to pass on a beef hot dog if it's one of these! In fact, feel free to have TWO. Each one has only 40 calories and 1 gram of fat. Just know that, like most hot dogs, they're high in sodium.

Sara Lee Delightful Wheat Hot Dog Buns

You didn't think we'd make you eat your hot dog without a bun, did ya? (Although feel free to pass on one and wrap your dog in lettuce to save carby calories.) These buns from Sara Lee are just the right size, and they've got way fewer calories (just 80 calories each) than your typical buns, plus 6 grams of filling fiber.

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Jerky isn't super-popular but it ROCKS! It's packed with protein, is usually low in fat, and it's chewy (so it takes a while to eat). A new favorite of ours that you can find at the supermarket is Oh Boy! Oberto Southern Style BBQ Pork -- smoky, slightly sweet, and not too peppery. And a 1-oz. serving has only 90 calories!

Guiltless Gourmet Tortilla Chips

There's nothing boring about these baked tortilla chips. You've got EIGHT amazing varieties to choose from: Chili Lime, Mucho Nacho, Chipotle, and Spinach Artichoke Parmesan, to name a few. You get 18 chips for 110 - 123 calories and 2 - 3 grams of fat. Quite a bargain!


When it comes to dipping your guilt-free tortilla chips (or cut veggies), salsa is almost always the best pick -- around 15 calories per 2-tablespoon serving and virtually fat-free. And there are so many different types to choose from. Mango salsa and other fruity varieties? Yes, please! Smoky black bean and roasted corn? Of course! Lean and green Salsa Verde? OK, you get the point. If you've just gotta have guac, check out Wholly Guacamole; there are 100-calorie packs for built-in portion control.

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Amy's Organic Black Bean Chili

This canned chili is super-thick, super-filling, and full of flavor. Hooray! Some of Amy's chili varieties are a little high in fat, but not this one -- 200 calories and 3 grams of fat per cup. Feel free to eat it straight, or use a little to take your burger or hot dog to the next level. You can even dip your chips in it! Quite the multi-tasker...

Shrimp Cocktail

Although this stuff hasn't become a staple at tailgates yet, it should be! Each serving (8 large shrimp with cocktail sauce) has about 150 calories and just 2 grams of fat. And it's super-schmancy. Hey, no reason you can't get all fancy with your food just because you're at a sporting event!

TIMEOUT: Drink Break!

For many people, a tailgate isn't a tailgate without beer. And we're not going to tell you to skip it altogether. Just be smart. Stick with light beer -- a bottle has around 100 calories, and the super-light ones have as few as 55 calories! For every beer you drink, drink a bottle of water. That'll slow you down and keep you hydrated.

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