Today in Madvertising: The most offensive fashion ad we've ever seen

In the eight months that we've been on air, so to speak, we here at Shine have covered all manner of of idiotic, offensive, and downright belittling-to-humans fashion topics. But the ad at left might be the worst thing we've seen all year. Are you kidding me, lawyer-turned-designer Duncan Quinn? This is how you plan on selling suits? By dragging a dead-looking, underwear-clad model across the roof of a fancy car? There's really no explanation for this. It's not cool. It's not edgy. It does not make us want any man we know to wear that creepy guy's outfit. It is instead an insulting, disrespectful, and outrageously degrading image that overtly promotes violence against women.
You, Mr. Duncan Quinn, should pull this travesty right the F now and apologize for being a barbarian.
Until then, and even after, you're in the running for our special Shine award for douche bag of the year.