Three Things We Loved Today: New York Fashion Week Day 2

New York Fashion Week is here! Woohoo! As the senior fashion and beauty editor I am wading through the muck and picking out three wonderful things each day that are worth another look. I'll be running all over town with my camera, you just sit back, kick your feet up, and peruse the eye candy. Cool? Here are today's picks:

1. Embroidered lace at Tadashi Shoji.

If the designer's name sounds familiar it's because many ladies uttered his name on the red carpet during award season. Shoji is a wizard with lace, but the texturedpattern on this shift dress was particularly intricate--it reminded me of blue and white china.

2. A lesson in anatomy at Honor.

Deisgner Giovanna Randall was inspired by the human body and created floral patterns that resembled organs. Sounds gross, but the result was beautiful and completely unique. (Although let's be real: this model is so stunning she'd probably look great in a meat dress.) I loved this muted chartreuse print, and the way the straps accentuated the shoulders. The braided updo by Bumble and Bumble is supposed to look like muscle filaments. Creative, huh?

3. This lady.
So many women show up to fashion shows wearing five-inch heels they can't walk in, acting like total snobs, or complaining if they're not if the first or second row. They are totally missing the point. Fashion is supposed to be fun and pleasurable. You know who gets it? This chick! In her straw hat, sombrero-esque fringe shorts, cowboy boots, and postcard-inspired Jeremy Scott tote. I spotted her running into a show and chased her to get her photo (sorry for the blurry picture). Many people might call her tacky and/or absurd. Personally, she made my day.

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