They Made WHAT?! Meet the Wine Rack: Booze Container + Bust Enhancer

You know a guy came up with this one.

Meet the Wine Rack ($28.75) - a new product on the "they made what?" invention market. It's basically a sports bra fitted with a bag for liquids that can be filled with up to 750 ml of wine - an entire bottle - thus creating the illusion of big chest.

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While you may be offended - I apologize in advance - I have a small bust and I really like my white wine, so I secretly kind of love this thing. The name is awesome, for one. And it's kind of perfect for outdoor concerts and BYOB events where beers are overpriced and bar lines are long.

Plus - any time you can kill two birds with one stone, I'm game. [Racked]

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What do you think of the Wine Rack?

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